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    I like how much I am relating to the other "types" in this thread. We are all pretty similar in certain ways, it seems.
    "Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synarch View Post
    I like how much I am relating to the other "types" in this thread. We are all pretty similar in certain ways, it seems.
    I've felt a lot of insight and identity with us all in here.. it's time for me to sleep, and come back to this thread later.

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    -I'm quite hard on myself, and equally hard/judging of others (in my mind). But since I don't really like this attribute of myself, I am constantly trying to push the judgments away or water them down
    -I'm probably a bit of a commitment-phobe. Strong independent streak is part of that, the other part is probably my not believing anyone would really want to be with me once they learned/saw enough - rejection thing. And if I'm truly honest, I suspect the reverse is more of what's at the root: Am *I* capable of being in a lifelong relationship? I sometimes doubt that I am.
    -Have a few OCD tendencies. I can also obsess about aspects of myself or my life that I don't like and it becomes virtually impossible for me to pull myself out of it. Easily go into over-analyzing/psychoanalyzing mode.
    -I second-guess and monitor myself a LOT, as a general mode of operation...but obviously this is an internal thing so wouldn't be that evident to others. So this probably leads to more of an inability to be fully in the moment, since I'm constantly analyzing things and monitoring what I say and how I say it. Also potentially withholding much of my personality from others.
    -There are probably others but I think these are the main ones.
    "...On and on and on and on he strode, far out over the sands, singing wildly to the sea, crying to greet the advent of the life that had cried to him." - James Joyce

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    Good subject. Normally I hate thinking about this stuff, but recently found how healthy is actually is.

    I am sometimes overly sensitive to other's feelings. [this can be a bad thing...]
    I over-analyze things way too much. Most often, it's about relationships.
    I live in a fantasy world at times, and am disappointed a lot.
    I hate it when people don't want to take my advice, and this has led to me (almost) never giving it out.

    There's more... (maybe later)
    INFj. 4w5.
    Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one!'
    --C.S. Lewis

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    I can see myself in everything BaileyTodd and Kyrielle said! I'm pretty much disappointed all the time because nothing ever lives up to my distorted expectations. And yet I dare call myself a realist.

    - I scare people away when my enthisuasm invariably changes into obsession
    - I jump into conflict with both feet when it comes to getting things done or fighting to correct an injustice, but I run like hell when conflict touches me personally and then I pretend it doesn't exist.
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    -I have very little patience with anyone over the age of 10.
    -I cannot abide laziness or slovenliness, even from people who are not in my immediate bubble.
    -Emotions, my own included, irritate me.
    -I interrupt a lot more than I should even when I'm genuinely interested in something someone else is saying.
    -I don't care if I hurt the feelings of people I have nothing invested in.
    -I'm exacting and determined, to the point that I often don't even realize I've hurt people that I do care about.
    -I expect more from others than they are capable of.

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    I relate a lot to the lists posted by bluemonday and Jennifer, so some of this may be a repeat of theirs.

    -I am lazy and undisciplined. I have trouble getting things done, and when I do, they are never the highest quality that they could be if I had put more/longer effort.
    -I often rationalize my problems as being the result of larger forces acting upon me, when in fact I, and I alone, am responsible for them.
    -I tend to go into self-pity/self-loathing mode more often than I am proud to admit. A me v.s. the world sort of outlook is borne of this.
    -I am critical of others and doubly critical of myself, which often leads to inaction.
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    -I'm empty and dead most of the time.

    -I'm very bad with practical decisions. When faced with one, I become antsy and try to rush to the right answer as fast as possible. Once I've made the decision, I wonder if it was the right one and if I should change it. It's as if I've only half-decided.

    -I have a tendency to scorn other people as shallow and offensive. On the flip side, I beat my own self up all the time.

    -I get things done, but not because I'm motivated. I have to force myself, and I hate that about me.

    -I'm extremely prone to miss the obvious for the things most people would never notice. Because of this, I think people are unable to decide whether I'm stupid or intelligent.

    -I'm hopelessly naive when it comes to the practical, everyday things that other people have no trouble with. This is another thing that makes me feel stupid.

    -I fluctuate between being cold and being melodramatic.
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    - I have difficultly taking responsibility for my mistakes and often find ways to blame it on others.
    - I have difficultly initiating projects because I'm afraid of screwing it up. If it isn't perfect then it was a failure.
    - I'm afraid of uncertainty and try to avoid it as much as possible.
    - I become hostile if I loose an argument and arrogant if I win. I hate loosing so much that if I can't win then I'll find a way to take the other person down with me.
    - I'm not nearly as caring or humble as I make myself out to be.
    - I'm very critical and demanding of those who are close to me. I'm constantly trying to influence them that my way is the only right way.
    - If I've accomplished something I feel proud of and I don't get a lot of feedback I'll 'fish for' compliments and praise.
    - I get pretty hard on myself, sometimes self-destructive, if I'm not 'the best'. For some reason I view life like a competition.
    Is not to be held accuntable for peeling errors.

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    -Overly Cautious

    My greatest folly is an irrational need for significant others to make sense. If an individual repeats strange emotional behavior on a consistent basis, it leads to me pushing them away. I also lose respect for them. This stems from my own short sightedness and illogical reactions.

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