Over the last couple months I've observed myself making more decisions than normal on the basis of pragmatism and then trying to rationalize the values of the decision to myself afterward. A lot of those decisions have to do with the uncertainty of the economy and trying to be prepared for things that may or may not occur. Some of which involved struggling between a feeling and thinking choice and choosing the thinking one for economic reasons or some other practical consideration.

I feel like the recent econimic uncertainty has made me focus more on making T based decisions and I've also found myself spending mroe time thinking about contingency plans than I probbaly normally would (the long term planning is consitant with how I view myself but the obsession with backup plans and putting greater weight on pragmatism is not consitant wiht my self view). Although stress my be a factor, I don't think its quite the same as evoking ones shadow as it feels more like being coerced by situational variables then it does unconsiciously snapping to a different type. I'm not sure what type I feel like I'm acting now, but I see a stronger T and J aspect to my decision making and evaluating process than normal.


I suspect that the economic uncertainty affect different types differently and that some types feel more impacted by it than others. I'm curious about if there is consitancy among specific types in how its impacted them and if others are less effected and if so what types...

Do other Fs feel the drain and frustration of feeling more pressured to make pragmatic decisions out of percieved nescissity?

Do other INs find the normal comfort in the realm of imagination such as reading and books or playing games, or do you find the uncertainty distracts you from being able to enjoy those activities

Are SPs better able to not think about the future worries until it affects them directly?

Do SJs see their high valuation of security and plannign for it as validated and being naturaly well suited to adapting to these times?

Are the ExTPs trying to look for the opportunity through changing times, or are they equaly concerned with the present and future uncertainty?

Do you have questions for other general or specific types reagrding this?