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    Quote Originally Posted by proteanmix View Post
    Just like the ENFJs that everyone but me knows at least 10 of.
    FYI, ENFJ is probably the type that I have encountered the least. I only know one person who I believe is an ENFJ. For most other types I've known several of that type.
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    I can't say I've ever met an ENFJ in person, either. I have no clue about them at all...

    I've known a number of supposed INFJs (I'm starting to believe that girls that like me skew their choices to look better and end up with this, regardless, they had pretty serious psychological problems) and some definite INFJs (that are certainly sane), and I like the real/sane ones very much. Some of the best friends I've ever had...

    I've never met a confirmed ENFP in person, either, but I know a coupe online. They're quite intriguing: energetic, generally-positive, and fun to talk to. I wonder if I'd actually get along with them in person, though. They also seem to have an introvert streak - they can enjoy alone time and don't seem to get as drained by it as most extroverts; they even report enjoying alone time.

    I work with a bunch of INTs and couple ENTs, but that's just due to what I do. Outside of specific places where they are highly valued, at a conference that attracts INTPs and INTJs, and the INTPc meetup in Vegas, I have only met one confirmed INTJ. Many claim to know quite a few of us, too, but we're so rare, weird, and hard to get to know that I don't believe them.
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