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    P's excel cause nothing ever goes to plan anyway


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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    If by stronger you mean they will suffocate us in our own living space with their clutter, sure! xD
    We are not that messy.

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    Sounds like one of my P friends, she can drink and party being up all hours of
    the night playing cards and function at her jobs even though she feels pretty
    much dead and be on her feet running around and doing errands after that. I
    can stay up until going on 1 on my work nights, but I have to be relaxed after
    going on 10 or so and just do stuff on the computer or reading or straighteni-
    ng my hair and touching up my nails...things I feel like I have to do always ma
    ke me drowsy. I recently finished a 400 page book with a few words I never
    even heard of in it so that actually set my bedtime an hour or two ahead, you
    know you're pretty much dead when you catch yourself reading the same par-
    agraph two or three times even if it's a book you really enjoy. Trying to tran-
    slate music in other languages is also surprisingly calming at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juggernaut View Post
    Only everything. As a J, I evaluate potential long-term effects of the stupid crap I might do to myself. I do not stay up all night drinking or slack on physical activity or eat garbage because I have judged that, with 30 or 40 years left on this planet, it would not be a wise choice. This is something that Ps, especially young Ps, don't seem to be able to grasp. Young and middle-aged Js realize that one day, with any luck, they'll be old and life is incredibly painful for those individuals who are stuck living in a broken body.

    As far as uncertainty goes, I don't hate it at all. It's a fact of life. I prefer to minimize risk to whatever extent I can and not indulge in things that I know will yield little if any positive result, but may put me at great risk. Uncertainty is a given, but stupidity needn't be. Perhaps you don't really know your Js as well as you think you do.
    It sounds like you're also a bit misinformed about what the J and the P mean.

    Internal judgers can make judgements too. I minimize risks to myself all the time. Food safety is one of my concerns. I watched the effects of alcohol on people around me as a pre-teen and as a result I made a judgement that I would not indulge in it myself.

    Both Js and Ps can do stupid things to their bodies or be a risk to themselves.
    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    ....because they can go to bed drunken from Monday till Friday, only sleep 3 hours and still excel in university and their job ?

    It's not just P that do this. Anyone remember Sona?

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