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    i included one text version of this story (of many in the news) in my OP. maybe that would help answer questions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    Is it me, or does the woman making the call sound like she's doing something as routine as ordering a burger 'n fries? I get zero sense of urgency based on what she's saying and how she's saying it.

    This is not a defense of the operator. This is a criticism of the caller.
    Yeah I got about 12 minutes in and gave up. Both the caller and operator sounded lackadaisical. I do think the operator is trying to help and the caller thought the woman was in trouble enough to call the police.

    Being in a job where people lives are stake sometimes strangely desensitizes you to urgency and emergency. I see that sometimes disconnect in EMTs, nurses, nurse techs, CNAs, especially in emergency rooms. It's probably a coping mechanism when you're constantly dealing death day in and day out.

    If you're a 911 operator and everything is an emergency then you probably begin to distinguish between "lesser" emergencies and greater emergencies. The caller wasn't giving off any verbal clues that this is serious, someone's life is at stake which would've probably prompted the operator to get a move on.

    What was pretty unbelievable is when her killer got on the phone and casually started talking to the 911 operator.

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    I have no idea about type, but I hope that operator gets his ass fired. There's a very legitimate lawsuit in there, hopefully her family has the resources to pursue it. How disgusting. That makes me angry.
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    What kind of training do 911 operators have I wonder? He was taking the position that he could determine whether or not the police were needed. I didn't know a 911 operator had that power.

    I had an elderly friend once who accidentally dialed 911 when trying to call out from a nursing home. She explained on the phone it was a mistake. Right after hanging up the police called back and I had answered and explained the same thing, but the police were required to come anyway to check out the scene, so within a half hour a cop showed up to make sure she was okay.

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    WTF. I don't know his history, but if you get burnt out as a 911 operator, you need to GTFO.


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    The type that I hate is the one that let this happen, whichever one that is

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    You know, when I read the thread title, the first thing I thought was "Geeze, nobody likes being scolded, but I think I could handle it better than that.".

    Sorry. Carry on.
    Go to sleep, iguana.

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    These two things stick out:

    Ballard is under an internal affairs investigation by the Orlando Police Department for the way he handled several calls for help.
    Eyewitness News has learned that the operator tried to find out where the victim was by asking her kidnapper...
    Almost 11 minutes into the call with the victim, her alleged captor, James Clayton, got on the phone with the 911 operator and Ballard told him to stay put and say where he was so police could find them.
    That person calling in at first is just sounds like a low energy person, doesn't extrovert a lot of emotion but that's no reason to take what she's saying as being untrue.

    The operator seems to be using Te while on the line, but I don't see how type can be determined based on one call. An IFP could be using Te at work and under stress could get too much into unimportant details and unable to sort them out.

    As a side issue I wonder what the weather was like that day, both people seem so low energy.

    We don't know what kinds of pressures this operator was under from his management, maybe they came down hard on the operators to make sure calls were valid. I feel really bad for everyone involved. The operator has to live with what happened, that's an awful burden to bear. But the families surely have a lawsuit case with the city on how 911 calls are handled and how well employees are trained for their jobs.

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    Absolutely nothing short of disgusting. I turned down a 911 dispatch job because I felt I couldn't be so objective and calm about some of the calls that show up, but good gawd if I were even working next to that man, hearing him talk like that, I'd nail him one in his gaping jowls. I hope he doesn't kiss his mother with that mouth.
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