So my friend Will (an ENTJ) started a web design company a few months ago and plans to launch more features on their site in a month to increase their followers. He wants a blog section where a few "resident experts" will talk about a variety of different subjects, mostly geared towards their target clients, but a few that are applicable to more fields in case they want to branch out. So he chose me to be his resident "psychology expert" just because I've taken a huge interest in MBTI this past year. I excitedly agreed since I love talking about it and sharing what I've learned, but then I realized... how the hell should I start? I rather dive right into what the different personality types are and what function types do what, my own thoughts and theories, etc... but I know that's probably not ideal.

Obviously I need to rope people in. Discuss how MBTI can benefit people, etc. Maybe a LITTLE bit of the basics (I'll reserve more in-depth for my follow-up posts). Maybe a little history? Intros are not always my favorite. Then I thought, why don't I just ask for advice from the lovely folks at Seemed brilliant. After all, I could get more ideas from all sorts of personality types.

So what are all your ideas? How would you start? Why did you become interested in MBTI, and how does it help you?