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    Ah well, no better world than the one you created for yourself

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    Do we let type dictate or change our behaviour? Clearly the answer is no... thus being mistype ought to have no effect unless you choose to interact with people of "a type" more than another because you perceived yourself to be that type... But that's a side effect.
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    I'd still be me... just the same as all the people who know nothing about typology are themselves nonetheless
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    What Difference Would It Make if You Were Mistyped?
    None. The mbti is a system I've learnt (and I'm still learning) to try to better understand myself and others. Nothing more, nothing less. It doesn't matter how distant the system is from reality, or how badly you are using the system as long as you are learning something from the system then it will be continue to be of use.

    Having said's important to try to improve the system (and/or your using of that system) in order to maximize results.

    If it turned out I wasn't wouldn't matter. Ultimately, I'm not intp. I'm not any type. No type describes me perfectly. But under the system (the way I understand it) me labeling myself intp has helped me understand myself..which was the goal in the first place. If other people label me as another type, as long as that labeling helps them understand me better, then I encourage them to do so. They wouldn't necessarily be ultimately there is no "right" in the first place (especially under a system that I think we can all agree on is less than perfect).

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    I'm curious what others think.

    EDIT If you mistyped yourself. If you went through life thinking you were another type.
    I've found MBTI to be extremely helpful towards understanding myself. It's like a form of shorthand to describe how you process information and also your potential downfalls.

    Te and Fi won't let me leave a mistyping alone. Denial and inconclusiveness/a lack of categorisation create dissonance within me.

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    Wow! Another old thread. After finding the type I related best to I used the suggestions for self improvement. The same for the enneagram and other systems I have been interested in also. You could say that mistyping myself would have made a difference, but possibly just a difference with it being neither bad or good, just different. Above the ability to type myself accurately is the ability to see myself accurately. Now that is something important I think. There have been some traits of near types that I have seen in myself. I was thinking yesterday how istp are sometimes said to have an instinctive understanding of the split between themselves and their body. They see their body as a tool. I see that in myself and relate to that aspect.

    So I guess what I am saying is that misunderstanding is a dangerous thing. Mistyping not so much.

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    I tend to feel like it wouldn't make much difference in most situations, but realising and accepting things like being introverted or not being SJ or whatever can sometimes help people come to peace with who they are. People like bologna, who realise they are mistyped might consciously adjust their goals to facilitate personal happiness.

    God I sound like a hippie.

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    I would be less interested in MBTI. I could relate to the INTP description, so I tried to learn more about it and the system used to find the types in general. It has helped me to better understand myself somewhat, but the description isn't 100% accurate. MBTI has helped me to become more comfortable with myself. If I had been mistyped I would have shrugged my shoulders and gone on with my life. It wouldn't have made a difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    Every time I changed my type I could feel myself adjust my behaviour slightly to fit with the type. Not consciously but more like checking whether it fits whether it is congruent
    I do this too. I consider every thought and action I have (seemingly) to see if it fits my type. If it doesn't, I have to rationalize it - explain to myself why it does, in some convoluted way, fit with ISFP. I am really starting to irritate myself. I have been doing this for a year now.

    I think I change my behaviour based on which type I think I am. This is obviously not good at all. I am too impressionable.

    When I thought I was ISFJ I would constantly try to remember things, to "test" what I thought was my dominant Si. When I couldn't remember, I would start to panic, and the mess of re-typing myself would begin again.
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    I am who I am and I am what I want to be?

    If I mistype myself on the basis of what I Think of myself, there could be a reason of why did I choose to mistype myself or whether I mistype myself because I cannot see myself clearly. Or that I mistype myself because I see characteristics in certain types that I find appealing (like a child looking up to a firefighter.)

    If others mistype me, it is either because they don't know me enough, or that I have not given enough information to warrant a "good enough" response.

    So not really that big of a difference unless I find typing myself to be something very serious. But I can see why I mistyped myself for various reasons also. And just like the firefighter example I just gave, that could be one reason.

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