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    Quote Originally Posted by RuffledINTP View Post
    ... But has knowing about personality theory had a positive or negative affect in your life?
    Initially, I took the Keirsey test in one of my classes and thought it was cool but I didn't think much of it. My boyfriend then became abnormally and obnoxiously obsessed with it, and then MBTi became the bane of my existence. It was just really annoying having him point out all these things about people because of their type when i didn't think it really had that much to do with it. However, somewhere along the way I got into it, and its really just made me paranoid if anything else.. because i can't figure out what type i am. It actually really depressed me for awhile.. but now i'm kinda over it. and NOW my boyfriend and i have both pretty much lost faith in the whole thing.. i get on the forum for fun though.

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    I suppose I've unconsciously been playing the 'typing game' for most of my life. It just seems to be the natural way I think about people; what they're good at and how that those 'traits' determine who they are as individuals.

    Stumbling on MBTI and socionics was like finding an entry in a personal diary that wasn't yours. Everything that I was and had perceived was summed up roughly in concrete everyday terms. Though not perfect, the system just made sense, and it would seem counter-intuitive if interpreted otherwise. In other words: I hold these truths to be self-evident.

    Probably the most useful part of the system is the information on PoLR functions, parts of myself and others which I have trouble seeing. While it may be easy to say what someone is good at, the difficulty lies describing one's weaknesses and why they are that way. Props to socionics (and MBTI), I agree with most of what you have to say.
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    Answer to the OP.

    I hope I've learned to understand people a bit better. I understand a bit better why some things in some sort of people make me annoyed or why some things other sort of people make me feel warm and fuzzy.

    I know MBTI is not even proven to be correct but I think it helps people anyway ONLY IF it is used in non-judgemental way. I mean that even if people is XXXX it doesn't mean that they cannot change or cannot behave differently.

    MBTI typinig is a fun hobby.

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    Temperament theory put people into a nice symmetrical framework, at the same time as helping to understand them and fit what I have always observed. The cognitive processes of type is an additional symmetry that explains self and others even more in depth. That's why I have found it all fascinating.
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