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    Tertiary Ti:"I can't possibly go along with this, because it makes no sense. It's filled with internal contradictions. It's crude and not true to the real principles of how this works. It's trying to shove an inappropriately a priori conceptual structure onto the reality. I will have to go by feel, and where it leads I can't know until I get there. I've got to trust this groove regardless of people's arbitrary expectations."

    Wow. I do think that a lot, come to think of it. It's usually the very thing that causes me to shut things out. Usually, though, I'm not really aware of why. At first I just think something like, "That's crude and flawed. It's not good enough for me. I've got to find something better than that."

    Then if I happen to mention it to an IxTP or spend time contemplating it further, it ends up being extrapolated into something like the above quote. Then I think, "Yeah! That's what's wrong with it. I knew there was something wrong with it. I've got a perfectly good reason for rejecting this after all. Ha!"

    At that point, I can usually find a way to throw this reasoning at people in such a way that that they respect my reservations and give me permission to sit out and refuse to cooperate with anything I'm not comfortable with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the state i am in View Post
    are you an enneagram 5? i imagine enneagram 5 to be very associated with high Ti development. i'm an infj who is a 5 and i feel overly Ti compared to most infjs. except those who are 5s. who detach, who observe, who investigate, compile ideas, conceptual understandings, etc to deal with and organize their own inner environment before expressing it, extroverting it, objectifying it as a specific goal/mission to accomplish in the world.
    4w5 for me. My use of Ti is more or less "practiced". However the bolded description fits me well.

    Re Mort's Tertiary defence/temptation:
    I strongly disagree with Lenore Thomson's idea of a person only needing their dominant and auxiliary function. Her theory works fine if you're talking about a somebody young (teen?). E.g. an introverted kid who's afraid to interact with others. For most balanced individuals, tertiary "defence/temptation" is mote. Dominant and auxiliary function usage should have became automatic. Therefore the tertiary is only a tool you recognize to use when necessary.
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    Tertiary Fe: "I want to tell him that his new coat looks like warm apple pie after someone had sex with it !!"

    Secondary Ti in response: "But you are aware of the fact that in saying though, you will give away that we had experiences with warm apple pie ?!"

    Primary Ne: "Haha guys, look, I put my socks over the hands and my boxer over the head and when I walk on my hands now making a handstand, people gonna talk right into my ass "

    *Si in the meantime sees to it that the knot in the cord is tight enough*

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    i do spend a lot of time on introverted thinking when im relaxing or taking time away from regular day activities

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