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View Poll Results: Are your tests consistent? Which traits do you think you possess?

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  • Inconsistent - E

    4 9.52%
  • Inconsistent - I

    6 14.29%
  • Inconsistent - S

    2 4.76%
  • Inconsistent - N

    5 11.90%
  • Inconsistent - T

    10 23.81%
  • Inconsistent - F

    9 21.43%
  • Inconsistent - J

    12 28.57%
  • Inconsistent - P

    9 21.43%
  • Consistent - E

    6 14.29%
  • Consistent - I

    24 57.14%
  • Consistent - S

    5 11.90%
  • Consistent - N

    29 69.05%
  • Consistent - T

    13 30.95%
  • Consistent - F

    11 26.19%
  • Consistent - J

    6 14.29%
  • Consistent - P

    16 38.10%
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    Default Type and testing?

    I'm curious as to whether there's some sort of correlation between certain dichotomies and variability in testing.. or, really, any other form of typing such as reading descriptions.

    For example, do Js frequently test as the type they believe themselves to be? If you're a perceiver, do you test as many different types?

    It's been said that the standard way for an NT to choose his type is to just read the descriptions and pick the one that absolutely describes them (because one nearly always does), and it's also been said that, if you're pretty well unsure of your type, you're INFP

    So, if you're inconsistent in the way you test, pick the all traits that correspond to your type under inconsistent.. if you're consistent, do the other.

    For me, EN's pretty well consistent, but the last two dichotomies aren't at all.. I test as any of ENTJ, ENTP, ENFP, and ENFJ. So, I marked "inconsistent" and E, N, T, J.

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    I'm a really clear cut NP. And 100% Ne on function tests so I should be an extrovert. But I often test borderline with I, and sometimes borderline with T.
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    Damn it, I accidentally marked J as inconsistent. Should've been P. Oh well.

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    I'm pretty clear on all dichotomies. Only after I learned what MBTI was did I test any other type on the indicator, which I think was just me throwing it off because I knew what each question was looking for.

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    I am consistent now that I am no longer in a depression, like I was from the time I started learning about typology five years ago, until about one year ago.
    I am not extreme in any fashion. The only function I have that is poorly developed is introverted sensing. My Te, Fe, Ne, Se and Ti are fairly equal... My Fi is "average use" and my Si is "limited use". My Ni is my best developed function by far, followed by Ne.

    I would say I am not very extroverted for an extrovert. I would probably dare to say I would be an ambivert, if that term were commonly used. My T and F are both on good use, but I cross the line over to Thinking with maybe 10%. Not a very strong J, either. Probably around 10-20% over the line.

    This has caused some major problems in typing myself, being so close and not really knowing enough + depression and hardship. I've learned a lot about myself in the last few years though... And according to the MBTI I would be an eNtj.

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    I'm -always- ENP.

    Extroversion has become more consistent with age. I tested ENTP when I was too young to read the words on the test, but it was not very distinct extroversion. When I took it senior year of high school for psych class, I was 50/50 on I/E, and came out XNTP. My psych teacher seemed to be amazed at how rare that was. Then when I took it this year (second year of college), I came out a distinct E, and have ever since.

    I've always been a ridiculously strong iNtuitive.

    Thinking and Feeling vary, but it's usually T. I find the result usually depends on the way the tester phrases the questions. The latest official MBTI I've taken gave me 2 more T than F. On cognitive process tests, it usually goes Ti > Ne > Fi

    I've always had a Perceiving attitude towards life, and have always come out a very strong P.

    So, I checked distinct E,N,P, and inconsistent T,F.

    Hope that helps some.

    Does anyone else have any experiences similar to this? Certain functions becoming stronger or weaker as you matured, or wobbling between T and F?
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    I'm always IXXX. When I test I get every insane result you can think of, I blame this on the fact that my preferences are all borderline but I. I know that I'm INFP, so there's no use in testing anymore or trying to find anymore out. Hence the bordlines I am Infp as you see in my type on the left, they are capitalized/not capitalized because of how well I prefer which one.
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    I'm consistent with I and N. And most of the time consistent with the J, but not always. T/F is most variable.
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    There's no question I'm an NP. Apart from ENFP, all the other results have been NPs.

    My doubts regarding I vs E were mainly due to a long period of seclusion. I can be very introspective but there's no doubt I'm more comfortable when I'm socializing with people I like. The ENFP description also helps explain my sudden urges for alone time every now and then.

    ENTP is the type I test more often as, after ENFP. I've come to understand though, that even though I like thinking, and indulge in it all the time, in life or death situations I tend to go with my feelings. So my Ti is pretty strong but my Fi is still higher.

    I'd say I tested as ENFP 90% of the time. After reading the descriptions though it makes it all much clearer. That being said, I do relate to NTPs sometimes, specially ENTPs.

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