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    Default Releasing the Brakes on your Type

    I was curious whether people had tips on taking advantage of the strengths and negating the weaknesses of their type.

    Please share...

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    My biggest strength is my spontaneity and impulsiveness, which I take advantage of by having lots of fun without having to plan it in advance. Also my personal values are a strength that keeps me from following the impulses that get me into more trouble or cause harm.

    My biggest weakness would likely be my slobbiness or procrastination, or possibly being an oversensitive hothead. I think actually reading this site and stuff about personality types has helped me with the latter because I have tried to be more understanding of other people's motivations and actions and not gotten as upset at stuff I used to take more personally. The first part, well, that I'm still struggling with an answer for, but I was even worse before I had a son, so having him around actually does remind me of the need to try to make a better effort to not put things off and to try to clean up and organize better, so even though I still suck at it, at least I'm trying now whereas I used to not care much at all.
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    how about taking advantage of the weakness of my type?
    if i am unable to "get a live", i may excel in confronting death.

    (yeah, more desperate than wise)

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    Notice them then go with the good stuff and stop the bad shit. You're welcome

    Don't know of any shortcuts besides self awareness to be honest.

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    One thing I would say is as Feeler I try to listen to thinking when it comes as critical voice, I try not to just reject it and ignore such inner criticism like I used to, but I try instead to translate it out of it's negative aspect.

    "You'll never be smart enough to learn this!"


    "This subject is hard, you better pay attention to the details instead of glossing over them as you are wont to do."

    This sort of thing.

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    Don't have any strengths

    Seriously though, my ability to keep an open mind, and being a relatively fast learner are my strengths.
    Weaknesses are my bouts of quick temper, and my cautiousness around the NT's. I only pipe up when I'm relatively sure I can hold my ground intellectually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nanook View Post
    how about taking advantage of the weakness of my type?
    if i am unable to "get a live", i may excel in confronting death.

    (yeah, more desperate than wise)
    Nice one.
    I wish I had a higher motivation to just whirl around and fulfill my quota like all these SJ. That is probably my biggest curse. I am not lazy if you demand things from me. However I just would not move by much if I am left to my own. :rolli:
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