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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    Concerning Fi matters, there is always a lot of chaos going on. if you solve one problem a dozen of new problems will emerge and the whole situation becomes unsolveable.

    I think your motives to be true and I am happy that at least some people still try to care about others and try to imagine how they would feel.

    You bear the mark of the ENP on this one, is my guess. Namely you know things but you dont know how to tell others. Thats either insanity or for real. I cant tell myself thus far and I think I never will interesting.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
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    Agree also. And you are right saying ENP. ENTPs have shocked me with how perceptive they are of people situations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greed View Post

    Although it's all intuition, sometimes I feel as though "Ni" pulls me in one direction and toward one goal, while "Ne" tells me to try to explore all of the different possibilities instead. These seem diametrically opposed at times, as if I feel I must make a decision, but I also want to consider all possibilities and gather all the information that I can. How I've resolved this is to try to consider the possibilities and carry each one out in my mind, trying to see where each path may lead.

    I've noticed conflict between what's probably considered "Te" and "Fe".. that gets hairy, too. Just like any conflict, it's a matter of placing priority. Sometimes, I dress practically; sometimes, I dress to "fit in" with a particular crowd.

    .. incidentally, I wonder if everyone faces conflict with the extraverted and introverted versions of their secondary functions..
    Definitely. As an introvert with my first function being Ni I am more inclined to use my feeling function in an introverted way Fi. Because this is the world I am more comfortable in. However as I understand I am supposed to look outside my world, which means not so much looking at my own feeling but more taking into account other people.

    This is a conflict everybody will face with his or her second function. It has to do with us being more home in our own world (introverts) or comfortable interacting with things and people around us (extroverts).

    Chance is that while an ENFP is supposed to have a Fi as a second function, he may actually use his feelings in an extroverted way. Rather than acting in line with his own value system, he may be more concerned to please everybody around him because he wants to be liked by the world where he feels more at home. So Fi for an ENFP only means that he is more inclined to use feeling than reason when coming to a decision. I does not mean that he has a well developed Fi in the first place.

    I think personality disorder could actually be the result of not drawing from your second function in the right world. Lets say always extroverting all your function or introverting them rather than having an introverted function backed up by an extroverted function. Still you also need to back up a judgment function (F or T) with a perception function (S or N). In my case I would have to back up my Ni by Fe. Just like an ENFP would have to back up Ne by Fi. Alas I find it hard. I always feel as if I am cheating myself if I have to act in accordance with someone elses agenda.
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    In a case like that, it's not really Fe; it's Ne + Fi. Ne, unlike other perception functions, tends to "arrange the outer world" like we would associate with Je. It is done conceptually, in the mind. then, the Ji carries out the decision the Ne is directed to, and thus appears like Je. So likewise, NTP's may look like (and are often accused of) Te.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotr246 View Post
    Fi: That's my seat.
    Fe: It's anyone's seat.
    I disagree with this.

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