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Fe - sense of empathy, expression of emotions
Fi - internal moral code, recognizing and understanding one's own emotions
i think this is very intelligent. i think of Fe as CONNECTING emotionally, and Fi as TRANSFORMING emotion. some weird amalgamation of value, priority, harmony, beauty, purity, faith, etc. they're both ways of processing experience and responding to the world's questions.

i am an infj (Fe) and i feel like i can connect with anything, the word "mystic" fits. and this is for good or ill, we just absorb everything and become one with it, so the climate affects/effects us in a sometimes terrifying way and we express what we feel the world is like at every moment.

i like infps (Fi) bc they feel so profoundly, they take in the world and purify it and turn it into something beautiful like a dream, as if they are performing (articulating, expressing) it emotionally for everyone to recognize and accept and be moved by. it's beautiful and tragic and hopeful all at the same time.