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    Default Beyond MBTI - A new study

    Since our polling options are a little bit limited here, I've put up a little temp site with a questionaire that covers a wide spectrum of topics.

    I'd like to see if there are correlations across the board for type in relation to childhood environments, birth order, religious upbringing, responsibilities etc, etc.

    As we gather data with this questionaire I'll be posting back interesting and relevant findings.

    The entire thing is completely anonymous, the answers come to me in a form via email where I can dissect and categorize in true INTJ fashion.

    I would appreciate any who would take a few minutes to answer the questions (most are multiple choice) and if there are any suggestions for additional questions that you think might correlate to type please feel free to submit them with the last question.

    Thanks! I'll update here soon once we have some data to work with.

    Y'all are awesome.

    MBTI Study

    ^^^ Link

    P.S. - If you try to submit and it says the form cant be submitted right now, try again in a bit. I'm not sure how it will do if it gets a lot of traffic all at once!

    Results will be updated and changed if needed as more data comes in. Trends noted below indicate an abnormal tendency in a particular direction for that question.
    ======================RESULTS===================== ====

    Abuse indicators

    Types that reported Emotional abuse are all xNxJs and more often reported by women

    Types that reported Multiple abuse factors are all IxxP


    Those who answered that they are not artistic are almost entirely Ns and Enneagram 5, grew up in a Small town and are less likely to want children.

    Religion -

    Spiritual but not religious upbringing - are All IxxP and majority of those were INxP and All of them are Single

    No religious upbringing - are more likely to experiment or heavily use drugs (by a lot) BUT those who attended church were LESS LIKELY TO ANSWER THE QUESTION!

    Birth Order

    INTJs and INTPs make up nearly HALF of the Eldest Child category

    Eldest children more often perceived financial difficulties in their home with the majority reporting lower middle class. Youngest children almost all report a perceived abundance of money.

    The only rank to frequently report serious drug use were Eldest children where youngest children felt smothered more often than most

    Eldest children reported high responsibility that they didnt necessarily seek out


    Every submission with reported drugs in the home are all P preference and High perceived income level. Majority of these listed experimental drug use themselves. Most were also college grads followed by closely by 'some college' and consider themselves lifelong learners and high honor students!

    The vast majority of submissions with no indication of in-home drugs are single. The Vast majority of submissions with drugs in home are either in long term relationships or are married.

    Current age did not seem to be a factor in either group

    Experimental drug users are nearly all Ps and youngest children

    Experimental drug users were ALL college grads or college attendees. (Majority were grads) They also consider themselves artistic by and large.

    Only Eldest children have reported Serious drug use problems and of those, most also indicated Emotional abuse.

    All of the serious drug users are also still single and dating

    Education -

    All of the college grads consider themselves lifelong learners

    High School completion only are all Ps and ALL have divorced parents. Age does not appear to be a factor


    Almost every single Enneagram 5 is an INTP

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2/4/09 Update---------------------------------------------

    Some percentages today:

    46% of I's are 'Single and not looking' compared to .08% of E's

    11% of J's reported a 'Responsibility Overload' as a child, compared to 25% of P's

    45% of N's reported drug use compared to 25% of S's...
    ... 14% of N's reported Serious drug use compared to 0% of S's

    Student Type Breakdown (N vs S):
    *Not all available options are listed if responses were minimal

    N = 43% High Honor 24% Honor 14% Minimal to get by
    S = 13% High Honor 50% Honor 0 % Minimal to get by 25% Average

    * Half of the minimalists were INTPs

    High Honor students tended to have the MAJORITY of their type letters in I, N, T and J. This doesn't mean all of the INTJ's were High Honor, but that when broken down letter by letter, there were more I's, more N's, more T's and more J's in the High Honor category. This one is tentative though because we have more of those answering the quiz so far as well. Will update more on this if we get more data.
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    Is there a problem with the site? It gave me an error when I tried to submit the survey.

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    Filled 'er out. Veh interested in the results here. Please keep us updated!
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    Aside from the comment area, I noticed:

    None of the answers for responsibility fit, so I picked a normal experience, but that's not quite the right answer either. It was more of challenges offered, and if accepted, also expected to be fulfilled. The family financial seemed to go from a perception of wealth right into a managing to get by, so it was a coin toss to pick one since I never thought my family was overly comfortable, but that we were doing better than managing. Same method had to be used to fit a close answer to the supervision. I had far more freedom than other children in the neighborhood, but it was based on trust rather than a lack of parental concern or interest in my activities. Music was another awkward jump from obsessive passion to enjoyable, but not really necessary - I am passionate about music, but not to the point that life is no longer worth living without it.

    There has to be limits on available answers for each question, and it didn't take long to complete, so the observations are not serious objections. Looking forward to the results.
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    If it doesn't submit Pippi give it a try later. I don't think it does well when multiple people submit at the same time. Its a freebie site
    Embrace the possibilities.

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    Rather interested in the results when you have enough responses.

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    I'm very interested to see the results.
    -end of thread-

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    Survey +1!
    Results will be cool to check out!

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    SEE Fi


    I took it. Good luck.
    () 9w8-3w4-7w6 tritype.

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