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    Pronounced "see," it means "yes" in Spanish.


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    Introverted Sensing is the only function that makes the most sense of having to do directly with memory, especially with the descriptions of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cimarron View Post
    That's what I'm saying. I haven't read much about the functions, so I don't know very well what they mean when they compare Si to "memory" so often. The paragraph you quoted was how I figured it would all work if Raz is explaining the theory correctly, and yes, it would mean low Si/Ni implies "bad memory skills."

    Logically, it seems to make sense. Se and Ne are not really about memory, since they take information by observing and exploring the outside world. The rest of them are judging functions, so they aren't used for bringing up information, they're used for doing something with them and building a plan.

    I don't know. That's why I'm looking for more feedback. Even without it being the whole realm of memory, Si still covers plenty on its own.
    I disagree. I have a good memory, and yet my Si sucks, and my Ni is decent, but not exceptional.

    So I've been thinking about this. My current hypothesis is that all introverted functions are associated with memory. Pe gives pure data, and passes on to Ji for interpretation. Pi gives interpreted data to Je for application. Does this mean highly extroverted people have bad memories? Possibly. Extroverts (or anyone really) feel free to chime in.

    How I think it might work (note, theory highly in development):

    Si - Notices concrete information.
    Drawing - Evokes sensation of how similar situations in the past made you feel.
    Storing - Stores concrete information connected with how it made you feel.
    Si is most connected with the traditional view of memory.

    Ni - Notices impressions, and how a situation will play out.
    Drawing - Draws upon past impressions and how they led to current situation.
    Storing - Stores current impression and the situation it will lead to.

    Se - Notices physical details.
    Drawing - Doesn't.
    Storing - Passes on physical data to judging function.

    Ne - Notices potential implications and possibilities of current situation.
    Drawing - Doesn't.
    Storing - Passes on possibilities to judging function.

    Fi - Moral model of what is good and bad.
    Drawing - Compares situation (as seen by Pe) with morals to determine whether it's good or bad.
    Storing - Stores how situation made you feel, connected with Pe information.

    Ti - Develops logical "mental model" of how universe works.
    Drawing - Compares situation (as seen by Pe) with understanding of how things work, to discern right from wrong.
    Storing - Stores new refined model of how things work. TiSe stores the data, TiNe stores the connections.

    Fe - Sense of empathy and good or bad based on that.
    Drawing - Gets information from Pi, determines the "good thing to do" in this situation.
    Storing - Doesn't.

    Te - Sense of what is correct and efficient.
    Drawing - Gets information from Pi, then determines the correct and most efficient course of action.
    Storing - Doesn't.
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