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    Quote Originally Posted by Lauren Ashley View Post
    At first my ISFJ friend and I look really alike, after all we are both very well-mannered, reserved, and interested in helping others. But talk to us and it becomes really obvious that we are not that alike at all. I tend to discuss mainly abstract topics pertaining to the psyche, future happenings that may or may not actually occur, and say things like "This is what he/she might have been thinking." My friend tends to discuss fond memories (which I do as well, but not nearly as much) and says things like "This is what happened." If someone brings up a topic that is purely speculative and has no direct effect on her existence she will become bored and will try to hide a "who cares?" face. While I'll be very interested, just because.

    I don't know if that made any sense. Oh yeah, that is another difference. ISFJs will make sense
    Pretty much this. My friends have commented on the fact that I like discussing my observations on what's happening, how the past created the present and what what might happen in the future based on all this data.

    However I don't really speculate/entertain all the various possible scenarios and how they would play out. My primary concern is which one is the most likely and I'll focus on that one.

    Then again... is that the same thing as what's already been said?

    (Solidfying all of the above into short sentences)

    ISFJs only concern themselves with the future and possabilities when it's required, otherwise they will not engage in the activity. This seems to be different for INFJs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elaur View Post
    Do ISFJ's talk in the same manner as an INFJ with the pauses and thinking?
    My friend does but I haven't really noticed other ISFJs do. One I know speaks really fast and I'm like "waahhh?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cimarron View Post
    Oh, I hadn't heard of that Doorslam thing before. Thanks for the link.
    I hadn't heard of this before either. I'm not INFJ, but this sounds JUST like me. I find it easier to shut someone out of my life completely than to hold on to the past because it helps me to move on. This is a characteristic that has been the topic of many discussions with my hubby (the former INFP).

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    I would think that would be a Chart the Course thing. In some temperament systems, the Melancholy is described as shutting out people who hurt them. They as it is tend to reject people, and are selective about who they "let in". They will be loyal friends to that select few, but if you hurt them too much, they will freeze you out. So I would wonder if IxTJ would be like this too. Perhaps the slam is more noticeable with the Fe preference?
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    Yes. Fe is about connecting and disconnecting from people.
    I N V I C T U S

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    INFJ's are more complex and poetic.

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    Offhand, I imagine I use the SJ/NF differences, primarily. Keirsey's NF=Diplomacy; SJ=Logistics can work here. And think skill, as in who's going to do better at each task if both are required to a. Go grocery shopping for 10 people, and b. Settle an emotional conflict so both parties are content.

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    use temperaments

    and with mbti there are no concrete examples considering we are talking about an abstract subject... the human cognition... WHICH is not the same as human behavior, a much more concrete subject.
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    going along with what anyone else has said:

    I usually recognize INFJ vs ISFJ intuitively, just by talking to them -- the N thing is very powerful, I usually immediately can tell whether I'm talking to someone who sees various possibilities vs someone who sees a tried-and-true way of doing things. With INFJs, I can immediately leap from topic to topic or discuss it conceptually and they totally follow and can lead in return; ISFJs get bored very quickly if things stay conceptual.

    (INFJs are remarkably good at seeing other viewpoints; ISFJs are very good at seeing the one they are immersed in and making things conform to it. And when it comes to relating, you'll see INFJs connect more through intuition and communicating that insight, while ISFJs have more direct sympathy without necessarily understanding someone else's view or speaking their language.)

    but if you just look at the external, it can get a little confusing. Both are skilled with Fe when mature, and both tend to offer practical and tangible types of support -- INFJs don't necessarily get all esoteric or abstracted just because they are core intuitives, they tend to manifest their intuition through the same sort of things that ISFJs do. However, you will find ISFJs more sticking with the tried and true and providing tangible things to others based on their experience of what works and what doesn't (so the more conventional shows of feeling), whereas INFJs seem to have more a sixth sense of what someone wants or needs without being able to explain it or having past experience to reference.

    Just some ideas...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lorkan View Post
    (INFJ)- Holy shit! Where you trying say something intuitive here?

    (please dont, it sounds so messed up)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kai View Post
    (ISFJ)- Not really. @.@
    Just search door slam on this forum should bring lots of information about the behaviour. It's just what it's been dubbed. I don't identify at all with that behaviour.

    AND HEY!
    lol! This short interaction captures the essence of ISFJ and INFJ, imo.

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Liquid_Laser View Post
    ISFJ has the "Behind the Scenes" interaction style while the INFJ has the "Chart the Course" interaction style. So when working on a task the INFJ will prefer to make their own plan first and then guide others according to the plan or just work on it themselves. An ISFJ is more likely to look for feedback from other people ahead of time and be inclusive and build a consensus before moving forward.

    Interaction Styles

    Also from my (limited) experiences so far with the two types ISFJ's tend to be more even tempered, while INFJ's are much more sensitive especially to other people's emotional states. The ISFJ can read other people's emotional states as well, but it doesn't "get inside of them" the same way that it does an INFJ.
    People's emotional states "get inside" me all the time. Everyday feels like an emotional rollercoaster for me even when dealing with others. But I am able to realize when/if it's impractical to let it negatively effect things and I will adjust accordingly if I have to in order to get things done.

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