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    Varelse's money habits are almost exactly like my own.

    Me: Ooooooooh! Shiny! It's pretty. (I then examine it, and generally have fun)

    Mom: do you want to buy it

    Me: (looking at the price tag) no. too expensive.
    I later think I should have bought it, but maybe not

    It also sounds like the knowlege seekers habits from the article.
    The affect of my odd habit is that I've saved up a fair bit of money for a student. My only tempation is books, but our library is amazing. My sister, however, is constantly broke. I have no idea how she manages it.
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    I always tend to have money, without realizing it. Of course I don't go out that much, so maybe that's why. Even during school when I'm away from my mom and have to pay for food and laundry I still had a little left over. Of course I'm always paranoid about running out. Which may be why I never buy anything unless nessecary. I hate asking for money. I'm glad my parents support me through college. The most expensive purchase was $90 this month for when a tire blew on my mom's car on the way back from New Orleans.

    My brother (ExTP) never had money in school and always begged my parents for more because he'd run out by the second week.

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    OMG, I picked out this outfit today, and it was REALLY REALLY nice and around $80 in total (3 items) which is REALLY cheap these days...I wanna buy it to impress the people when I go to Europe...but I was broke atm of trying it on so I put it on hold. I looked REALLY good in it (it made me reconsider peoples' suggestions for getting into modelling)...and it was the only thing I'd seen that went with this necklace I got earlier for free, but when I tried it on my mother said the outfit looked cheap and crappy So cruel...she really hurt my feelings! I didn't mind that she didn't buy it for me, but she didn't have to criticize it! However, since my mother is usually reasonable, I'd feel like a brat if I complained.

    I have 5 days to winnow out enough money to buy it before my trip.. >_>..I feel so evil.

    I feel kind of trapped because I'm too young for a job, except for maybe babysitting, and yet I always spend my parent's money. Since my mother's a control freak, she won't let me help her out around the house. Plus, I didn't get get straight As last year. I don't feel like that great of a child to be able to justify all the money given to me by. I'm told that I shouldn't worry about money and fashion yet - I should worry about schoolwork. But then my mother nags me about how I spend all of her money. And it's summer...I can't really avoid it or back it up with proof of my scholarlyness.
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    I guess my best positive money handling traits is my lack of materialism. Stuff just doesn't make me that happy. I guess I could have a few hundred more dollars in the bank if I could get money back for all the books I bought and didn't read, but maybe I'll read them one day. I did buy a $470 dollar bike recently, but I use it almost every other day. I also go on group bike rides, so it was definitely worth it. I went to the bike store three times before I bought it, and I also looked at the bikes in Target and Walmart.

    As far as the check book, I feel no need to balance it. I have enough money in there to write a check for my credit card bill each month, and the occassional additional check for something else.

    I skimmed through a book on money personalities at the book store, and I fit what was called the ostrich personality. That type involved people who were smart and capable enough to be good stewards with their money, but too occupied with other things to care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    That's interesting, I relate to that...both my parents are mediocre-to-terrible with money, and I consider myself good with it. I deliberately decided at a young age that I wasn't going to make the mistakes my parents did. Can't really speculate on how I'd be if my parents were good with money though, can't really imagine it.
    Good money habits are almost always a choice. You either choose to be good with money or not to care about how you handle money. Most of the influences have to do with how money is handled - how it is spent, what it is spend on, how one budgets, buyer's remorse and the like. The actual level of responsibility and the end outcome isn't really all that pre-determined.

    Which is good news for the SPs, who are viewed as the impulse spenders. The reality is that it isn't really a problem, except if you haven't intentionally found a way to be responsible, same as everyone else.

    An example is how tight our budget is, but we blow it all the time with one-of purchases. A skillet this month, rice cooker here... this and that... one at a time, but always moderately priced things that blow our budget. My brother (SP)? Going out too much. It's just different styles with the same outcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cindyrella View Post
    I doubt this has anything to do with type.
    Agreed. Especially hard to relate it to type when the person's young - most people that are young are spenders, for example.

    Personally, I'm average with money. I don't feel like denying myself much since I'm 20. I rarely have to ask my parents anything anyway, which supposedly makes me better than most people my age.

    I generally throw it away on girls (not on hookers!), but I've got good self control for other stuff.

    When I know I can't spend much, I spend all my free time at home (I work from home), simply, so that there's nothing to buy.

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