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    I understand the necessity to draw lines, but my lines are often very flexible. I know sometimes it makes people uncomfortable (as, for instance, in a case where I might introduce coworkers to friends and mix the two groups a little at a gathering).

    The problem is that clear lines sometimes make me feel uncomfortable in that it makes me feel suffocated and boxed in. I may know a person from work, but I still can't help seeing that person as a person first before I see her/him as her/his job title. This actually causes me a lot of private grief.

    I find that the way society has become in our times is a bit too compartmentalized for my liking. Too much compartmentalizing just feels cold to me.

    I don't know whether or not this is a J/P thing because I haven't yet figured out which one I am.

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    When it's practical, I compartmentalize, categorize, and separate aspects of my life. When it's more useful to combine roles to accomplish multiple objectives at once, I don't. My boss is also my thesis advisor, for example. But I do typically compartmentalize most people by how I know them or what activities we do together.

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