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Thread: Types gone bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Liquid_Laser View Post
    Maybe INTJ's gone bad do thinks on a table drunk while lifting up their shirt? Yeah that's the ticket.
    Not since the mid 1990s.

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    Yeah, I have very little experience with INFJs gone bad besides myself... but I'll give it a shot.

    INFJs gone bad can become very narrow-visioned. This isn't necessarily a bad thing generally and can even be useful in some situations, but it's not really natural to the INFJ, so I think it probably tends to be negative... as in "screw that, I'm looking at this, what you're saying doesn't matter or isn't relevant to what I'm doing." INFJs are not good details people, so being overly focused on one thing can lead to ruin and disaster.

    INFJs, in my limited experience, can have awful tempers. I have been explosive in the past. I would definitely throw things and say the most hurtful phrases that came to mind when I was a teenager. I've mellowed out and learned not to let things get me that angry anymore.

    "I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. You can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    Default not bad-BAD

    There's an ENFP acquaintance of mine that displayed so well the good & bad traits of our type, I had to share......she's not BAD, but I had to put this somewhere!

    We were in an organization together, & she would inevitably be convinced by others to be in a leadership role & take on too many responsibilities. She was great at getting people excited & motivated about a project, like a fundraising type thing, she would come up with all the ideas......& then she would become completely flaky about attending meetings, tending to the details of the project, & then ultimately would get out of her responsibilities of the grand project. Her excuses would be the sort that no one could criticize, they were emotionally loaded, things like "my marriage is in trouble" or "I/my spouse was injured/really ill & can't do anything", these could be legitimate, but they could be interpreted as traps, where her lack of follow-through would not be criticized. So, people would rescue her from the project, & tend to all the details, & what was amazing is that she would remain likeable throughout the whole ordeal! She would be off the hook, the project would be a success, & she was unscathed by her irresponsibility. I saw this happen a few times, & the cycle became predictable.

    I think it's good to observe our type from a distance like that, it provides some objectivity of how we might be really irritating/amusing other people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meanlittlechimp View Post
    ENFP: extreme paranoia to the point of hurting others physically, emotionally and legally (even if they didn't mean too, after their episode was over) I found this odd, (because normally they're the opposite of paranoid, they are typically some of the most optomistic folks I tend to meet).

    ex: Hitler, Jim Jones, Manson, David Koresh, most cult Leaders.
    I've been in this paranoid state before. I suspected my girlfriend was cheating on me (and it turns out I was right). I didn't hurt anyone, though.
    "We grow up thinking that beliefs are something to be proud of, but they're really nothing but opinions one refuses to reconsider. Beliefs are easy. The stronger your beliefs are, the less open you are to growth and wisdom, because "strength of belief" is only the intensity with which you resist questioning yourself. As soon as you are proud of a belief, as soon as you think it adds something to who you are, then you've made it a part of your ego."

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    -They are always on the go and have an intense need to be busy all the time and spend countless hours doing seemingly frivolous and mindless tasks. Indeed their neurotic Ne begins to resemble an Se.

    -Always trying to impress and are far more concerned with their image rather than their inner being.

    -Share all kinds of superficial knowledge and make wild connections such as could only be accepted in a madhouse. Obviously not concerned to make sure that their knowledge is reliable or to think things through, they are doing this for the sake of just informing someone of something and appearing wise.

    -Be overly competitive without understanding why they are being so cut-throat whilst the drive to impress underlies their motives.

    -Their ideas seem logical on the superficial level, albeit their logic loses integrity because of their need to feed their imagination and make wild connections.

    -Often exchange breadth for depth in nearly everything they do and rely solely on rhetoric rather than substance to pass themselves off as intelligent people.

    -Too busy figuring out everybody else's perspective that they forget about their own and dont know who they are or what they think. (Lack of judgment)

    -Abuse their keen awareness of external environments and run amock with Machiavellian maneuvers to get themselves what they want and appeasing their desires is their only motive, which they themselves are not aware of. Backstabbing, lying, manipulating, facade building are all very common and perhaps daily practices among such ENTPs.

    Act like their entire life is just one big farce and take nothing seriously. Volatile and mercurial, often changing their minds within seconds after having made a decision. Cant make or keep sound promises because of their need to be spontaneous and nothing they say could be taken seriously because they keep on bouncing.

    -Cant get anything done because they bounce relentlessly, start many activities simultaneously and dont get around to finish them because they drifted off starting more new projects.

    Incredibly insensitive to others and often speak before they think--offending others without understanding what it is that they have done and never come across to realize because they never stop to think.


    -Strive to convince people of their sincerity because this is the only way they could feel good about themselves--as they cut off their internal resources.

    -Cant say no to anything and are overwhelmed by new people and events, some good, some undesirable and there is nothing they can do about the undesirable because they are just too touchy feely. So they seek subtle ways to circumvent all of that.

    -Overly emotionally expressive and maudlin, their accomodation and hypersensitivity become cloying to all involved with them. Even though they seem very sincere, their feelings dont last very long and they cant be relied on because they are just too fickle, and have moved on by the time you get around to hold them to their obligations.

    -Abuse their people skills and knowledge of social environments to get themselves what they want. Usually admiration of their character from their friends and adulation from potential romantic partners. Unrealistic expectations of romantic partners and the ENFP does not know what he/she wants.

    -Unaware of the long term implications of their actions, have vague Intuitive hunches about how they make others feel, but cant make sense of them because they never slow down enough to process their feelings.

    -Cant get anything done and their relationships dont make sense because they continue to shift focus. Ambiguity and ambivalence are defining traits of their lifestyle and they are afraid to change this because they fear their inner selves and how harshly they will judge themselves and how keenly they will be aware of all their faults.

    -Dont take anything seriously and avoid whatever issues they cant take a light-hearted approach to. Blow off confrontations because thats too serious for them.

    -Cant deal with anything that requires impersonal thinking and are unable to deal with anything where they cant acknowledge their feelings. Cant hack anything that makes them even mildly uncomfortable unless they have no choice. But then they tend to become terribly depressed.

    Hypersensitive to criticism and often envisage being criticized when they are not. Instead of telling the other person that they've been hurt, they look for a subtle way to deal with the problem by surreptitiously creeping away and perhaps avoiding the person untill they are done holding a grudge. (which could be a very long time)

    Avoid whatever situations evoke negative feelings towards them, or on their part and refuse to deal with anything that does not encourage an up-beat, optimistic attitude.

    Overly mercurial and find themselves unable to do anything at all when their energy level is low.

    Appear very illogical and irrational, perhaps even more so than a neurotic dominant Feeling type as the ENFP is primarily led by Intuition which is furthermore supported by feelings. Whilst a Feeling type would think very thoroughly about how they feel and how they make others feel, and based on this make their decisions, the neurotic ENFP wouldnt even go that far---they'd just be blindly following whatever hunches that hit them. And they would not be able to see whats wrong with many of those because their feelings convince them to follow through on their Intuitions. This is also how they manage to ignore people who criticize them--simply because they want to preserve their heart-warming fantasies. Unlike the Thinkers who may ignore negative remarks of their critics because they have discovered for them to be false, the neurotic ENFP ignores them simply because they dont make them feel good--hence they just dismiss whatever they dont like, regardless of how sound it may be.

    Intensely worried about people disliking them and often become secretely uncomfortable around them for this reason.


    Very superficial

    See nothing but their own perspective

    Abuse their people skills in favor of mindless hedonism

    Wilfully ignorant and masters of the art of self-imposed stupidity.

    Engage in stunts and often say things solely for the shock value

    Overly image conscious

    Extremely insensitive and are not in the slightest aware of how their actions impact others. May also be very cruel.

    Driven to appease their impulses


    Never have a clue of what they say or what they do

    Devoted to appeasing their impulses

    Overly mercurial.

    Intense and heated temper and are rarely afraid to unleash this despite them liking most people and fear of losing friendships as they often fail to see the big picture.

    Understand nothing but their own perspective and see nothing but their feelings.

    Abuse sensual pleasures.

    Take everything personally and act irrationally. Noone can talk any sense into them because they interpret anything that doesnt pet them on the head as an attack on their character.


    Very insensitive and can find something negative just about everyone. Enjoys criticizing for the sake of criticizing even if the criticisms are in themselves empty and lead to no good.

    Hostile to whatever doesnt make direct logical sense of in any slightest way may involve emotion.

    Deeply annoyed with theory or whatever doesnt have hands on applications.

    Cause trouble in the lives of others and their own just so they can try their hand at fixing things.


    Do everything by the book and often find themselves stuck in a rut. Preserve the older ways of doing things even when it becomes obvious that it is all silly and outdated.

    Long to be isolated yet can not reconcile this with their intense need to belong and be of service to others.

    Give advice at random without realizing that it is of little benefit to others and does not satisfy their goal of supporting the community they are part of because they are unable to see the big picture.

    See nothing but their own perspective and driven by their senses. Hostile to differences. See nothing but what they can see by means of their physical eyes. Become impatient and irate with what doesnt yield obvious tangible results and doesnt appeal to the senses.

    Become very dour and glum as they tend to be very pessimistic, especially when unhealthy--often complain about their miseries, yet unable to accept the suggestions of others because they are stuck in a rut and at this time, most of all, struggle entertaining new ideas because they just can not imagine them.


    Stuck in a rut and are resentful of new people and ideas

    Preserve archaic and conventional ways of doing things when it has become obvious that new is more efficient

    Take whatever negative comments they get as a suggestion that they are not fulfilling their role and being irresponsible

    Have many irrational fears and nightmares about having all of their property foreclosed and them being out on the streets with no sense of security at all!

    Easily irritated by minor things and blow up with in intense temper

    Easily give into superstition and media manipulation/believe everything they are told

    Can become possessive and controlling of people thinking there are two kinds of opinions--theirs and the erroneous. Yet unlike the ESFJ may not be directly expressive of such a state of mind and harbor angst because others dont recognize this as valid.

    Anguished by anything that doesnt line up with their beliefs, and hold grudges against people who dont agree with them, even on the most trivial of things. Dont have the courage to stand up to them directly, so they whine and gossip with those few who are willing to listen to them.

    Tend to think that they know what is best for people and that they alone should be trusted to take care of everyone, and get profoundly agonized should someone utter a word to the contrary.


    Controlling and possessive, of both people and things, especially the former.

    Believe there are two kinds of opinions, those that line up with theirs and the mistaken.

    Want constant reassurance that they are liked and valued or otherwise assume the most negative scenario possible

    Maudlin and cloying, intense unfulfilled need to belong and to serve. Because they are so intrusive of the privacy of others, their services are not desired so they impose them on others. Accordingly, when they are rejected the ESFJ takes this extremely personally and does everything in her/his power to please the other person, yet the more they try to do this--the more imposing and intrusive they become and the more tempted the other person is to reject them. It becomes a viscious cycle.

    Have difficulty controlling their anger and exasperate at others over the most trivial of inconveniences

    Have trouble sustaining close relationships which they always long for because of unrealistic expectations from others and because of their dogmatic and conventional ethic which doesnt tolerate whatever isnt normal.

    Plagued with dependency problems and are unable to do anything on their own, want close supervision and guidance for even the simplest of tasks they undertake.

    Imagine a host of negative possibilities when stressed and are able to commit suicide or hurt those around them because they hit their boiling point.

    Can be very hurtful to those they profess to cherish beyond what words could describe when they are not appreciated or getting their own way--because they are unable to see the big picture. Usually this happens in their attempt to control others as they always (when neurotic) believe that they know what is best for others and become deeply flustered when others disagree.

    Do everything by the book


    Very conventional and resolute to inveigh all who do not follow the written rules

    Do everything by the book

    Enjoy barking orders as they believe that they are making things easier on everyone by giving people what they really need, not just what they think they need, and become irritated when others reject their advice--which they give compulsively.

    Become furious when people dont follow plans or behave logically.

    Have little concern for your inner being or your feelings, especially the latter and are all about meeting the external guidelines. Everything could be assessed in terms of concrete data that we've already accepted as desirable, abstractions are meaningless.

    Always intent on doing what they are supposed to do even if it is illogical, because logic is means to the end of having the external world run logically. Unlike for the TP, the ESTJ does not see logic as an end in itself.

    Have no personal opinions and whatever they present as their own views mirror what the convention endorses.


    Extremely sensitive to criticism

    Impatient with complex explanations and whatever they cant find concrete results for

    Annoyed with logic and hate to face the reality of the world they live in. They prefer whatever fantasies that warm their heart.

    Often complaining about how unaccomodating life is to them and listen to no explanations about why it is this way and take no advice because they wish to preserve their feelings.


    Entirely dedicated to their visions regardless of how irrational and undesirable they may seem.

    Use logic as means to the end of giving affirmation to their visions.

    Can appear overly assertive and dogmatic in arguments with an intense drive to prove that they are always right and are wiser. This is because they need to affirm their visions and they use their tough-minded, logical nature to accomplish this.

    Often find themselves in positions where they have convincing and compelling visions that they cant explain to others and others not being aware of them anguishes them very much.

    Have a fanatical belief in the idea that they have knowledge of great value, perhaps that tantamount to a revelation and preach it with missionary zeal, yet again, stressed out because they dont have the expository talents that the ENPs do.

    Expect the world to run only in accordance to their visions.

    Have no patience with sentimentality because it violates logical order and threatens their impersonal visions.

    Overindulge in sensual pleasures and engage in daredevil stunts. Somewhat like ESPs, albeit with much less proficiency and tend to enjoy sensuality less.

    Revile those who disagree with their views, as previously mentioned--because they can not seperate their Judgment from their visions.

    Focused only on the very narrow scope of knowledge, just the kind that they need and ignore other external variables. (Lack of Extroverted Perception). Their vision of the world would likely be very narrow and self-serving as their Extroverted Judgment now strictly serves the purpose of appeasing their hunches and romanticizing their abstract visions (Fi).


    Same problems as the INTJ, although they preach their personal ethic with the same missionary zeal that the INTJs do their impersonal vision of how the world is or should be.

    Will have a quick and intense temper, often throwing things and berating people--not because they enjoy this, as some neurotic thinking types might, but only because they are upset and have to express negative emotion.

    Stuck in their heads with a firm conviction in the veracity of their visions, yet unable to explain it to others and ignore all the external ideas that suggest that the vision is not sound.

    Often guilt manipulate people into believing in their righteousness as they have as much faith in their moral rectitude as neurotic INTJs do in their knowledge of how the world works and their competence as advisors.

    Give emotional support every chance they get and are hurt when others do not reciprocate, do not seem to have received it, or even worse do not appreciate it at all.

    Fall in love with their visions, yet unlike the INTJs (Fi), the INFJs assert that not only do they see the beauty in them, but those visions are meritorious because they serve a public good of a sort. Again, absolutely convinced of their magnanimity.


    Bent on isolating themselves.

    Believe that there are two kinds of statements, those that are true and those that are worthless. What people want makes no difference and never care for what anybody likes and only care for whatever describes the way the world works. Doesnt tell us anything about the laws of nature?--Throw it out..

    Hostile to emotions and sentimental illusions of how the world works. Obviously very cynical as their Ti is hypercritical and evokes negative emotions

    Difficulty expressing their thoughts because they have difficulty carrying on a conversation and expressing whatever little emotion that is necessary in order to get their ideas across.

    Very dry and cant get a hold of their audience.

    Very contemptful of convention and are unable to connect with others because they cant find common ground anywhere with anyone.

    Cant sustain or begin relationships because they are too critical and have difficulty appreciating others.

    Overindulge in technical terminology and make little effort to be understood--that is because they communicate not to get the message across, but only to entertain their thought experiments which serve no other purpose but helping them grow.

    Dedicate their energy almost exclusively to personal growth and neglect their social duties, especially emotional obligations.

    Very low on energy and tend to think that nothing is important but their inner world, consequently they dont have enough external resources to be competent and fail by their inner standards.


    Hostile to logic and to people who treat them insensitively

    Annoyed with whatever ideas that are not consistent with their ideals

    Easily angered and exasperate at others

    Always wear rose-colored glasses and befool themselves into thinking that whatever they want to believe in is true


    Always think they know whats best for others and have absolute faith in the veracity of their visions to change the world.

    Hostile to ideas that are founded upon only hard logic and are not meant to be put to practical use (Ti).

    Overextend themselves and often guilt manipulate others into thinking they should appreciate the services they render

    Take on more obligations than they could fulfill in order to distract themselves from the emptiness on the inside.

    Judge everything by clearly defined external standards and revile internal standards.


    Enjoy barking out orders regardless of how absurd they may be, just like the feeling of being in control.

    When arguing, come off as overly assertive and intimidating.

    Believe that there are two kinds of decisions, those that they have already made or plan to make and the flawed.

    Not willing to listen to anything that doesnt conform to the laws of logic.

    Hostile to Feelings, especially to people who are not willing to express them clearly. (Fi)

    Tacitly resent those who are not comfortable standing up for what they want and refuse to argue or challenge the ENTJ. So they continue to mold them into the ground untill they see some resistance.

    Hostile to pure imagination and are not willing to entertain any abstractions unless it is shown how it is all founded in hard logic and how you could find clear-cut, definitive answers to problems we're faced with. (closure)

    Exasperate at people who make appeals to emotions or challenge the ENTJ to grow emotionally/make value judgments. Accept and appreciate all kinds of challenges, yet when it comes to being challenged on the plateau of pure Intuition or even less feelings, the challenger will be contemptuously dismissed.
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    Are you saying that the weaknesses you listed are what happen when a type goes horribly bad? or is your list the negative qualities and weaknesses that you find indicative of the "norm"?

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    'Horribly bad', this is what I've implied by neurosis.
    "Do not argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." -- Mark Twain

    “No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money.”---Samuel Johnson

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    BlueWing, those are pretty good. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Economica View Post
    BlueWing, those are pretty good. Thanks.
    Yes BlueWing those are pretty good. Thanks for the time spent. I don't know how I've been forgetting to look at this post. It didn't have anything for so long I kinda forgot about it. Glad I looked.
    for my life is slowed up by thought and the need to understand what I am living.

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    Nice going, Bluewing, did you write up all that yourself?

    The ENTP and ENFP ones hit home the most, I think. But they are all good.

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