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    My memory is selective. I can remember feelings from years ago yet forget people I met last month.

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    Long term wise my memory is pretty good, but my short term memory is a haze. Like if something teaches me how to do something and then steps aside, my memory goes out the window. Time is a blur for me, like I'll have trouble remembering when something I did was yesterday or the day before, or I'll forget half of what I did the week before(but I'll remember it later). I'm forgetful with tasks and then I wake up haunted by the memory of them. I rarely remember my dreams, like I'll remember the "vibe" of it but nothing else most days(is that function related?). I know I'll dream, but it's like it gets sucked out of my mind as I wake up. Yet I can recall strange details. I remember little things like dates, restaurant orders, prices, road names, all well. A forgotten conversation from 7 years might appear in my head randomly, or I'll get deja vu from my dreams. Like I'll remember dreaming about something that I thought was real afterwards, then have a dream of that again and get confused.
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