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    Quote Originally Posted by raz1337 View Post
    Slap a label on them and tell them to stop being so out of character.
    You're no help

    *staples ESTJ label to raz*

    Now entertains for me loud talky boy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_in_Orbit View Post

    Yeah the two seem pretty dissimilar. Out of curiosity, what made you decide on the Ni dominant?
    There was only a bit of the extraverted feeling description that I could identify with, and those parts were perhaps to do with age. INJ traits seemed a lot more like me when I was young - vivid imagination (would make up stories for entertainment all the time), reading (I was obsessed!), seemed older than I was, enjoyed being one on one with people rather than big groups etc.

    Perhaps the problem is that "Fe" drives me to want to be with people more than "T" introverts, thus making some descriptions of introversion difficult for me to identify with.

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    , could this explain why computers are so addicting for introverts? At least IxTx's? It's constant controlled self-contemplation.
    Quote Originally Posted by bronte View Post
    and its communicating with others where you are in control
    Exactly. Especially the Internet...

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