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    Flamboyant. Independent. melancholy, but quick to laughter. All or nothing/easy_going-perfectionist that listens and laughs to get you to listen and laugh so you can be who you are afraid to be.
    Never-ending sweettooth non conformist, vauge, sees to heart of people, dreamer, some what detached.

    Idealistic, thoughtful, understanding, loyal, compassionate, kind, friendly.
    Good stuff

    An anomaly, overly idealistic, sassy, a daydreamer, a gamine, a master of awkward moments, an aesthetic, inspired, bookish, a rebel with a cause, and possessing "a shyness that is criminally vulgar".

    Very shy about revealing feelings in fear of rejection/conflict. Rich inner world no one knows about. Awkward, clumsy. Head in the clouds. Interested in philosophy and psychology in a sense of wanting the world to be a better place for people. Can't understand people who don't understand themselves and deny their true feelings.
    Seeking without end, full of mystery and harmony, traveling on a mystical ocean, deep in conversation with people in the future or the past, laugh suddenly in the present about something to be said later. Perfectionist about the present project for the person, but oblivious to mismatched socks or some other more trivial matter.

    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    Neg on flamboyant. Project fail.. (as far as I'm concerned)

    Yeah, this is an interesting thread. Just, I'm not sure you could make a WIKI description this way! Also, in the past, I was enchanted to be like the character in the book "Jurassic Park", who only wore black and/or gray clothing.

    Now I'm prone to wear bright, even fluorescent, orange, yellow, and other colors. This is inspired by the motivation to add more of the Earth and Fire elements to my life. Thus, I may be flamboyant at the moment, but that's not always true. Plus, in my strike-throughs, I added back in the other person's strikethrough.

    What is probably needed is some kind of sampling, like poll of characteristics for each type. Like if 85% of people agree with this, then it becomes part of a profile.

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    Independent, reserved, logical and pragmatic. Driven to understand logicaly the working of the world and to be a jack of all trades, a virtuoso who tried everything once. Master any craft and understand every idea that interests them. A perfectionist. Bored by lack of action. Shy, reserved and quiet, reserve their energy for the most interesting and meaningful things, yet, very energetic, passionate, energised by action, self-confident and tempetious (?) tempermental. Rational in his actions, precision and economy of movement. Usually simple and lighthearted. Can be very affectionate, friendly and likable when the situation is not too much restrictive or emotionally demanding. Love you with incredible intensity, passionate at heart, but choose the right moment to show it. Large potential of creativity and insight. Potentially loner, rageous, chaotic, hateful and antisocial. Lives stricly on his own side. Quick adapter and planner, seeks freedom from strict structures. Follow his own principles and somtimes, selected alliances. More at ease with a day-by-day approach to life, live and let live than with long-term project. Loves action but dislikes unnecessary commotion and like to live life as a party animal. May appear to be a party animal but is really just drawn to the sensual pleasures of life (sex, drugs, alcohol and rock and roll). Sometimes addictive. Non-nonsense approach in arguing, sometimes provocative, but not really speculative. Like a good fight for the sake of a good fight. Prefers to maintain harmony with others but will not back down from confrontation when provoked. Avoids value judgements. A performer side makes them prone to like attention and to be considered as "the cool girl" or "the cool guy". Dislikes too much attention. Often perceived by others as an irreverent iconoclast.

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