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    Default LMFAO at this site, type the guy.

    I just landed on this site as I was browsing MBTI stuff.

    Popular Prick: Use Manipulative Psychology to Make People Like, Respect, and Follow You.

    Laughed my ass off at what he was saying. How would you type the image he is trying to portray.

    I say ExTP.

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    I thought ENTP or ENTJ..
    Or just a miserable INTP.
    What a waste of life..

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    doesn't apply, he's just a dude trying to make money. I saw that site the other day and pondered what's actually in his book.... since you can only purchase it via paypal (and the legal part says you agree to NOVA SCOTIA law when you agree to terms), I very well think it could be scam or a rip-off.

    Where's all you rich-ass ENTJ executives? buy this guy's book and post the contents plz!

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