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    The don't have to be withdrawn. that is their (our) natural state of predisposition. I used to be very withdrawn but through the events of high school I became convinced that the social aspects of life wasnt something that would come naturally so I put fourth effort. I really truly am a INFJ but the social things i do can appear at a distance as extroverted. this brings me to my point, I believe that these profiles are an amazing way to describe people but they do not define them. But this is an older thread and im probably kicking a dead horse. But I wouldn't be surprised if many are miss classified.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Annwn View Post
    After reading more information on INFJs, I'm convinced that people are mistyped as INFJs very, very often. Many mistypings are actually ISFJs, and some are ISFPs. Some may even be ISTJs because of their clear-cut sense of right and wrong, and possibly some INTJs for those who are focused on intellectual pursuits.

    From readings on this and the INTP forums, everyone and their dog seems to have an INFJ ex and that is pretty unlikely imo. I can see how a person would assume an introverted feeler who is structured or inflexible is an INFJ, but that is not accurate. Their primary function is Ni, which is not women's intuition, but an extremely abstract approach to life. It is a rare type, very private, one of the most conceptual of all the types, etc. There are many introverted feelers who need a great deal of private time, have complex emotions, and a deep sense of altruism. These people are not necessarily INFJs. Most of the quicky tests don't really give reliable results. The INFJ profile on some such sites even uses the word psychic to describe them. That right there will draw in all the introverts who want (or worse think they have) super powers. INFJs are less than 1% of the population and withdrawn, complex, extremely abstract... it's somewhat unlikely the average person will get to know one well, let alone date one. Thoughts? This has just been my impression which could well be flawed.


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    Annwn, I think you are really on to something and what you say makes sense to me.

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    @Apollonaut I've had a very similar experience. I love buddhist thought and the idea that we're carried to enlightenment by two wings: compassion and wisdom. I think many people with dominant Ni have experiences that defy traditional rational explanations. They don't come with name tags though and trying to figure out the meaning of the experiences, what they are in fact, is something that reflects the individual personality of the Ni dom. I personally take the mystic approach but some others don't relate to it at all and take a psychological approach as some kind of a psychological integrating peak experience. Words are just very poor tools in this...and I'm not trying to be purposefully vague. It's just what it is.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lily flower View Post
    You say that everyone seems to have an INFJ ex. Maybe INFJ's really just date a lot of people

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