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    Quote Originally Posted by Synarch View Post
    What about ENTP?
    "Moderate, but ultimately disappointing, success in several areas of success" success - ENTP

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    I'm an INFP software engineer who makes more money than he knows what to do with. Am I successful?

    I am also a divorced male and feel isolated and alone. Am I successful?

    I think we need to better define what success is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by G-Virus View Post
    Keep in mind, this is just a play on theory and stereotypes. From the descriptions, which type do you think is the best set up for success?
    If I'm going on the topic title and this is about potential ENFP all the way. Though if we are going on realised potential, ENFP has little chance of ending up unsuccessful because of a wide range of skills, but is less likely to be most successful in any area, due to their wide range of interests and indifference to achievement.

    I'm not sure what type it is but the high-achievers that read people well and are good at everything from art to logic to sport. Driven and uncompromising, but make a good impression on people. Think maybe ESTP, but not sure cos I don't know my types that well outside NFs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chukamok View Post
    I think we need to better define what success is.
    I agree. Success means different things for different people. I think, in general these days, success means money, money and status.

    For some people, who dare differ from this definition of success, they might feel successfull feeling happy in their own lives happy with what they have.

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    1. the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.
    2. the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.

    personally, anyone can fit the definition.
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    Define your version of success and I'll type your potential king(s) of the hill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by G-Virus View Post
    Keep in mind, this is just a play on theory and stereotypes. From the descriptions, which type do you think is the best set up for success?

    I personally believe the ENFJ.

    The have that lucky N streak of genius. They are probably one of the best types with people. That J makes them organized and such.

    E = outgoing (seen good in the workforce and the world)
    N = Creative (supposedly)
    F = Good with dealing with people
    J = Theoretically good at getting shit done and not procrastinating.

    ]Now this is all in fun and jest, so whats your opinion.
    All of the ENxx types are extremely effective at leading large organizations. I could see either ENTx type become a multi-millionaire or billionaire. ENFx types have the skills, but I think they'd be less likely to go for pure business and lean toward something charity or clergy related.
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    To me it seems like J is the biggest help in work situations.

    E the biggest help in social situations. Also, I think NFs and SPs are much better at reading people (in different contexts) than NTs and SJs.

    Also, if you you define success as simply being happy with where you are S is probably better. But if it means looking for a something better Ns are more likely (but it doesn't mean you will find anything).

    I don't know. I think EJs in general do best in all areas of life in balance (maybe its "the-grass-is-greener" syndrome on my part since I am most pronounced on my I and P preferences).

    ENFJs are probably (on the whole) the most charismatic as a group. But they may also have impossible dreams/goals.

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    My theory is ENTJ.
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    15 years of actively observing type at tech companies I'd say ENTJs are best executives, ENTPs best entrepreneurs.

    ENTJs often have below average technology skills, so they don't do well at startups even with their other strengths. They're good though for technology-light companies growing out of a startup phase. I'd bring in an ENTJ to run a company started by an ENTP.

    ESTPs are best at self-promoting within a corp, but are more likely to rise to a position that focuses on a particular area of interest, like an advanced sales engineering job rather than the job of running the whole company, which is better left to an ENTJ. ESTPs are more interested in showing others how the product works than developing a grand vision for everyone else to follow.

    Seen a lot of ESTJs struggle. They often have good grades and go to good schools, and are good at developing professional networking skills, but don't do well with the chaos you often get at tech companies. They do very well at stable, big companies, but at the same time seem to like the appeal of entrepreneurship which they are not cut out for. ESTPs are also fairly weak entrepreneurs, but are better than ESTJs at convincing investors they are worthy.

    Seen tons of INTPs, many like their daily work, but often focus too heavily on advancing science than increasing revenue. Their careers often plateau in mid-level engineering, but they are essential to product development.

    Most Feeling types move to Sales, HR or Marcom (Marketing Comms) even when they have degrees in engineering. See a lot of ESFJs involved with trade show planning. See a lot of ESFP and ENFJ salespeople out meeting customers with ESTP sales engineers. Feelers often hit plateaus though because of a lack of product knowledge.

    Just my observations about my industry, and as time passes, more I believe type is far more important than quality of grad school attended, past companies worked for, etc. in order to fill the right job with the best person.

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