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    Default Getting mentally 'stuck'

    I recently figured out that one of my main depressors is getting stuck somewhere between boredom and depression. Its where nothing in the outside world seems to do anything, its just kinda there ("So what?").

    I'm never bored from lack of things to do, its just the will to do them. Could that be called depression I guess?

    Mine seems to be more of an introversion getting the best of me. The best times I can remember are the 'Trippy' times when everything seems alright and going great.

    During these times things just seem clearer, but during 'slum' episodes its like trying to see the fish swimming a really murky lake.

    -For me I think these episodes are brought on by jealousy. I knew I was an INFJ for a while and then an idea crept into my mind: "All the INFJs I know have vivid imaginations... and the ones on the forums have a much stronger Fe...." This led a self-destructive train of thought that got me into a kind of murk.

    Do other people experience things like this? (I'm looking at this from a type standpoint, I -know- there are other people somewhere that feel the same thing)

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    Was just gonna say that "boredom" is seldom true boredom. That flat feeling can be a mask for other feelings.
    "No ray of sunshine is ever lost, but the green which it awakes into existence needs time to sprout, and it is not always granted to the sower to see the harvest. All work that is worth anything is done in faith." - Albert Schweitzer

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