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    I, N 100%, only my T keeps me out of it (only 12%).
    INtj | 9w1

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    I test high on all the letters but consider myself a mature balanced mellow INTJ since I have developed pretty good use of all the cognitive functions over the years. I find immature INTXs much more extreme than myself no matter how strong their preferences are. So I don't think the strength of preferences makes someone extreme, I think the lack of use of the other functions makes someone extreme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluemonday View Post
    Is it your assertion that an 'extreme' INTP and an extreme INTJ will have more in common than moderate examples of the same type?

    Do you disregard function theory then?

    The only thing I have noticed is that I probably relate best to Ne doms, irrespective of their position on the continuum.
    I've found I relate well to strong intuiters, especially Ne's.

    It's not so much moderate INTPs but INTPs with low function preferences that I see a real disconnect with. For example, I have an INTP friend with low preferences, like 10%-30% for all of them, and I relate 10x better to an INTJ friend who tests as a strong IN, and he's a major J.

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