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    I've been curious whether this relates to any functions for awhile:

    When I decide I am going to do something (learn an instrument, take a class on something interesting, change careers, follow a diet, etc.) I immediately do it, and continue until I have succeeded. I'll do research before making a decision, but once I've made the decision I do it.

    But I've noticed a lot of people don't do this.

    A lot of the people around me make a decision and then don't follow through. Things like purchasing an instrument and talking about how much they want to play it, then never playing it. Or saying they need to change careers, but when the opportunity arises they don't take it. Or saying they want to eat healthy but refusing to do it. Or having a project they want to complete but refusing to work on it unless I stand next to them and walk them through it. Or constantly talking about wanting to learn the piano, taking over a month to set up a free Zoom lesson, then canceling it, and continuing to say they really want to learn.

    I don't know it could be a bunch of different functions, or it could be something else entirely. Is my "if I want to do it and it won't hurt anyone I'm just going to do it" thing function related, or is their not doing it functions related?

    Any ideas?

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    When we view it from Jungian psychological function, that sounds like an Introvert judging function with a dominant or some says principal status. I have this trait also. But I identify I have the tertiary status. With auxiliary status or the fourth function, on the plus side they can be good at routine, they keep doing a specific thing on and on.

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