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    My Dad is an ESFJ. We are very different. Knowing that he is an ESFJ helps me to understand why certain things are so important to him, like having everything be neat and clean, which I am mostly indifferent to as long as it is not too messy. He also doesn't go in for theoretical bs. Very concrete.
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    Not much. I was usually off in my own world or playing games. My older sister and father are ISTJs, which had it's annoying times, but you learn that people will have certain expectations of you and that you should follow along so you can just go along.
    INFP brother helped me realize the difference between the two.
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    When i was young at least, during my teen years i started to isolate myself quite more, which eventually lead to regular overpowering Ti + Ne, while Fe taking quite the hit.

    Either i was ENFP before, or i had really my inferior really developed. For long as i remember i couldn't cry to a movie.

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