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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylon Candle View Post
    Male ISFPs are ironically the most 'truly' angry people i meet.
    i know, i know, they are SP and harmonious feelers.... but when they arent being easy going, i have found ISFP to just get ANGRY and irrational... like REALLY ANGRY.

    i want to clarify that i am not saying ISFPs are on average angry people. Its more like, out of the 10 truly angry people i know, maybe 5 or 6 are ISFP. That is far less than the total number of ISFPs i know.

    EXTJs have been said to have a sort of inner anger (inferior Fi) and can come off as a more abrasive than ISFP, but i have found that what comes off as angry for Extj is actaully just being efficient and abrasive. True anger, i have most often encountered with ISFPs
    I know I can get angry but I can control it. In a way I kind of like it. What do you mean by true anger?
    The whole thing with ISFP seeking harmony is crap anyway. That's extraverted feelers territory.?

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    I've wondered about this same question regarding anger. I'm more aware of what people's specific types are online because they are declared , but it is difficult to gauge anger without non-verbal communication. Anger is related to feeling the loss of something you consider yourself entitled to obtain. Letting go of entitlement is equivalent to letting go of anger. Are Feelers or Thinkers more likely to have a sense of entitlement? I don't know.

    One of the limitations of the T vs. F poles is that it can be viewed as emotion vs. non-emotion which is not consistent with the structure of the brain. MBTI is a theory while the presence and function of the limbic system in the brain and the relationship between the amygdala and frontal lobe are observed and measured. I mean to say that every human brain is hardwired for emotional responses many of which are learned through environment.

    I understand myself to be a Feeler, but I don't have a temper. It takes a lot to get me angry and when I do reach that point I simultaneously question the validity of it. I rarely if ever make choices based on emotion, but naturally take in a lot of information from others on emotional cues and I tend to be drawn to analyze emotions and have a drive to see the world through the lens of others in empathy. So as a Feeler I focus mental energy on subjective systems which include emotion, but remain detached on one level from all emotion personally. The simplistic definitions of T vs. F don't seem to account for that style of processing. As an opposite to that there are people who focus on objective, measured information and who overlook emotion, but are headstrong and easily set off with emotion and who embrace the world through their interpretation of the outside world, so that their lens becomes the only one. In a way that is a subjective mindset and while it can be convincing and get things done, it isn't the kind of distilled "Thinking" that is detached and truly objective. It just seems like when Thinking vs. Feeling there is the issue of the type of data a person's mind naturally focuses on and the vantage point from which they view it being either through a single individual lens or a drive to view the world from multiple angles and from outside the self alone.

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    Well, Anger is correlated with the Neuroticism dimension on the Big-5 personality test. If I remember correctly, there is a slight correlation between Neuroticism and Feeling, but barely beyond significance. I wouldn't confuse Anger with lack of Agreeableness, because people can easily be calmly disagreeable and stubborn.

    Personally, I found the easiest way to never be angry is a combination of:
    - aerobic exercise
    - sunbathing
    - having sex

    If you regularly do the 3 activities listed above, I am sure that all the anger issues will go away.
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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