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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank View Post
    It is whether or not certain types have a strong inclination towards aggressive behavior.
    That's what I thought.

    I see that some different concepts of "aggressive" are coming up, like "aggressively friendly", "outspoken", and such. So a good question would be if the OP was referring to negative, combatative aggression, which is what I also assumed. FP's for instance are often said to be conflict avoidant. (Of course, they will have reactions as I had said, though it will usually be more of a "pushed in a corner' reaction).
    Extroverts will tend to be aggressive in general because of the espressiveness, but it can be either friendly or combatative.
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    Im known to be highly aggressive and can become volatile to say the least when my values or close friends are attacked. Ive been know to go on the immediate offense when a stranger merely over steps his bounds at social events when they've been told not to do said things at least once.

    Im not sure why this is and I doubt its type related, the one other male ENFP I know IRL is my exact opposite when it comes to these things. Where he would use words, id use a broken chair...

    I always try words first though, but usually it just consists of a single hard warning that if said thing is repeated or tried again its over.

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    I'm sure there are some types that are more aggressive than others in general, but life experience and testosterone levels should be considered as well. Aggression could be the result of anything from insecurity to hormonal imbalances.

    I'm only aggressive in a fun and competitive way. Unprovoked, I wouldn't harm a soul.
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    I'm not sure what people view as aggressive, so I made 20 statements and a rating scheme to rate them for aggressiveness. Please do visit the thread.

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    im pseudo-pacifist if that makes any sense. im not very aggressive. though i have been before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 01011010 View Post
    My enneagram is equal 5w8. I think I'm an atypical INTJ.
    Yeah, I'm supposedly iNTp 5w4, but 8 is the second strongest enneagram after 5, so it's more like 5w8. I'm generally peaceloving and easygoing until people either start the aggression or try to assert any form of control over me or other people. I hate overbearing twits of all kinds. I have a hard time distinguishing between being assertive and being aggressive in those cases, since the former often requires the latter. I do both, i guess.
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