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    Hello! Today is the third anniversary of me being on Typologycentral. So, where are my gifts? But seriously, where? Anyway... For the occasion, I have a gift, for you!! A little project of mine. A little function test in form of a dichotomous key, simple and straight forward (I hope). I made something similar elsewhere a while back but this is more refined. Hopefully it will help those who are unsure of their type (or those starting out).

    Ask yourself, where is you psychic energy directed mostly toward? Being a type is not a matter of what you're good at (or bad at...) but your general innate focus on certain aspects of reality. Introspect how you have been throughout your life and what you have focused on (ask those who know you well if you want an outer perspective). What naturally calls your attention within the environment when neither stressed nor forced. In short, the why behind what mentally engages you!!

    1: I am naturally attuned to...
    A: My attention has generally been on observing and taking in what the environment offers, infers, and stirs within me. Foremost, I accept what is experienced without needing to process it and react accordingly. To...2!!

    B: My attention has generally been on analyzing reality and filtering it through criteria . Foremost, I focus on whether what I experience is logical, agreeable, worthwhile, or fits into some standard to which I reference. To 3!

    2: Perceiving
    A: I am not quite focused on the experiences themselves as they are merely stimuli for the images and connections that are brought to light. I am guided by what is brought forth by the mind's eye. To 4!

    B: I am focused on the experiences that come my way. I am guided by happenings and the accompanying sensations that such experiences offer up. It is the worldly details that appeal to me. To 5!

    3: Judgement
    A: To me, the world operates on impersonal principles, principles of which I seek and analyze. From this, I form a "blueprint" of reality of which I develop and comply. To 6!

    B: To me, I am guided by what is agreeable, what is fitting. I try to abide by what is ideal whether it resonates with a self-generated notion or one developed apart from me. To 7!

    4: Intuition
    A: I am guided by "what could be", not so much a vision of the future, but the possibilities of viewing something in a different way. It is revealing these possibilities that I focus on. Intuitive Extravert!

    B: I am focused on what lies beneath the surface, what really is the case. Beneath the experience lies the inner image for which I delve, for it is this subjective meaning that is paramount. Intuitive Introvert!

    5: Sensing
    A: Though I focus on experiences, it is not them themselves that stimulate me. They stir an inner feeling, an archetype that is subjectively perceived, these are of prioity. Sensing Introvert!

    B: I am attracted to whatever is currently engaging. The music, stories, aesthetics, it is the objective happenings that offer the best experience that are homed in on. Sensing Extravert!

    6: Thinking
    A: I seek place upmost objectivity to my operations, whether it be my analysis, endeavors, or utilization. What is correct and of merit has to be in to in-tune with worldly, objective formulations. Thinking Extravert!

    B: I generally seek to flesh out an idea or principle as thoroughly as possible whether it of objective concern or not. I match what I observe against a framework that I have subjectively crafted. Thinking Introvert!

    7: Feeling
    A: I generally seek to overlay and judge reality against an ideal notion that I have developed within myself. It is a sense of what is in harmony with the self, what is right, independent of the environment. Feeling Introvert!

    B: I generally strive to meet ideals that are fitting with objective matters. I ultimately follow values that I deem worthy but such ideals were not cultivated on my own. I observe the environment to see what is politic. Feeling Extravert!

    **If you want to find your auxiliary function, all you need to do is choose the opposite of your dominate at question 1, and go from there. Good Luck!!
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