both can be stubborn and dominationg people.
both can be inflexible.
both lack foresight.
estjs are badasses but both are boring.
Fe vs Te:
Fe- the most morally objective decision of the situation
Te-the most objective logical of the situation.
Fe-their morals are need to be taught to them
Te-their logic are going to be objective.
If they see moral or logical nonsense in this world,they can be rebels in their own way.
Fe has a more wrong is wrong and right is right approach and will more likely say
do what is right
Fi will say do what you feel is right
You can have an fi user and a fe user in the same room and will both will say
stealing is wrong,fe will say stealing is wrong because it is wrong and fi will say stealing is
wrong because that person work hard to get his stuff and for the person to steal it all his
efforts will be in vain.
Always remember this,this world is shade of grey and people's stories and environment will
make you stink that this person is another type,but is probably another type.
Ti inferior will come in the form of not being in touch with one's thoughts or being honest with
one's thoughts.
Fi inferior is not being in touch with one's feelings.