I kind of got confused on your text... Also, your topic is not on the proper place, there is a "whats my type" subforum. But here we go...

1. Kind of Ne/Ni.
2. Lack of Si (SJ Si).
3. Cant say much.
4. You could be ambiverted OR you could be introverted in Jung/Myers and extroverted in Jung/Myers. The type me text tends to be full of subjectivity so its kind of hard to tell if you are I/E in Jung.
5. Se but it is weak.
6. Te? Or Ti?
7. Fe and lack of Fe, sounds confusing, I miss this one lol.
8. Ne
9. Ne or Ni, weakly?
10. -Si +Ne
11. Ne and Ti
12. Not cognitive function related at all, I think.
13. Ne and Ti again
14. Not cognitive function related at all, I think. Unless if you are a ENFJ/ESFJ.
15. I miss the train of thought here..
16. Thats dichotomy points for P, as far as I knwo there is not a specific cognitive function for being messy.
17. Fi?
18. +Ne - Si again.
19. Same as 18
20. Ti followed by Te.

You want explanations? Well, thats quite complicated, but here goes.
I see a lot of -Si, or basic not really a lack of Si, but rather a repulse for Si. Which means that you cant really be neither Si-dom or aux, and, since this is Myers Si Im talking about and not original Jung Si, it auto-implys that you are not SJ, but that doesnt really imply that you are NP.
I see a lot of Ne. Your Ne moments are on those which you may not wonder the reason of life (thats more Ni than Ne actually), but you may wonder about how you could change MBTI to be more accurate, cans and coulds. At least in my opinion, Ne is more close to openess to experience than with intuition itself. Your diverse activites suggest a good play of Ne on your life, so I would say that Ne plays a good role in your life.
I see Ti over Te, barely no Fi and no Fe at all.
Ti>Te, Ne significant, no Fe and no Si at all, gives me INTP or ENTP. I would say XNTP.
But Im fear Im wrong since your file says ISFP.
When there is a display of both intuition and sensing ISFP is a good guess, since ISFP is the intuitive sensor (not only by internet but by my own measures).