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    Default The 4 sides of the mind (Do anybody know the details on this?)

    Hello All,
    I was watching C.S. Lewis on YouTube and I fou d a video on the four sides of the mind. He showed the four sides of and INFJ mind. There was the ego, the super-ego, the unconscious, and the subconscious. The diagram showed the four personality types that correspond with each side. I uploaded the screenshot.
    Does anybody know how this works? When do the other three sides of the mind come out? Any other information about this would be helpful.

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    I think you mean C.S. Joseph. C.S. Lewis was the Christian writer who wrote the Narnia Chronicles.


    Sub-conscious as well as super-ego can come out in situations where the ego functions are insufficient to function, such as an intuitive needing to deal with a lot of sensory data. They can happen as the environment calls for them, but can also become habitually over-used.

    Functions are used sequentially in a variety of contexts, so the ego, then subconscious, then unconscious, then superego will be sequentially activated when dealing with activities with multiple phases.

    The unconscious functions can come about when a person is inspired. They can even be used along side the ego functions, and spending time with a person who uses your unconscious functions as their ego functions may activate this.

    The super-ego functions, when used properly, give you the finishing touches on working with some phenomenon. It allows you to master subject matter and you're operating at a high cognitive level if all 8 functions are brought into play.

    Also, when you do have that 8-function mastery, the super-ego functions can be used alongside the ego functions (and subconscious alongside unconscious) such as using Ne and Se in a joint fashion.
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    To give an example of myself (INFJ) and how the functions come about in day-to-day life and my approach to typology, and thought-processes:

    In day-to-day life:

    Generally I spend my days on the forum, discussing typology. Teaching and helping in ways which stem from a conceptual worldview. (ego, Ni+Fe)

    I regularly take breaks to indulge in the physical, such as smoking or cooking. (subconscious, Ti+Se)

    I often have music playing that inspires me in some way. (unconscious, Ne+Fi)

    When I'm up for it, I do organisational things like cleaning my room. (super-ego, Te+Si)

    The ego <-> subconscious back and forth takes up most of my day. Unconscious energises me, and super-ego is unnatural for me but keeps things running smoothly.

    In approach to typology:

    I started out with the general conceptual/philosophical understanding, and articulated thoughts and conversed with people. (Ni+Fe)

    Then I learnt the theory in terms of cognitive functions etc. and how type manifests visually. (Ti+Se)

    Then I started coming up with new ideas and doing some serious soul-searching. (Ne+Fi) Also cross-contextualising with reminds between people and self-systemising. (Ne+Fi+Te+Si)

    More recently, I've conceived of methodologies for typing people in an evidence-based and verifiable fashion. This represented mastery of the material. (Te+Si)

    In terms of thought processes:

    Ni: idea-channelling, Fe: imagined interactions (natural processes)
    Ti: decision making by weighing things up, Se: sensory stimulation, e.g. simulating music (can get annoying, reluctant)
    Ne: new ideas, Fi: thinking about other people (I like these processes)
    Te: putting forth arguments, Si: memories (often associated with anger and regret)

    (not an exhaustive list)
    the lone star flies alone

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    Perpetual mood

    "It is not the personality's task to tell the truth,
    but to seem to, try to, or try to seem to."

    Philip Trussell

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    CS Lewis probably has misunderstood that.

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