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    Default Ne Fi, reading into people, motives, intentions, who they are, ENFP

    Hey. How deeply can the ENFP read into people with Ne/Fi? What is it like to feel/intuit the desires, motivations, likes and dislikes, impressions, secrets, tragedies, and everything that makes up who people are and how they relate to the world? How good are you with understanding peoples true intentions or maybe looking into hidden parts of themselves and their lives through even just the little things you pick up on and notice about them? if its alright, could you please give some examples of how you look into and understand other individuals? looking forward to learning about the ENFP and Ne Fi here. Thank you.

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    Well, I think ENFPs (especially when younger) can be vulnerable to being conned because most of us want to see the best in people and to be kind. In my experience, ENFPs can be excellent at reading people. It mostly comes through thinking of where the person could be coming from or what they might be feeling. This is where Ne's duality with Si comes in as Si can then detect patterns in prior experiences with other people to help find the most reasonable.

    I've often found the best types at actually reading people are the FJs. This doesn't always match behavior (I've seen FJs read someone extremely well and not follow their gut feelings of "this person is toxic").

    FJs also tend to be more decisive in their readings of people. At least for me as an ENFP, I more take the stance of "here are several things that I think may be going on." But I think this is just Ne's nature to keep multiple options. Ne hates being boxed in. That's probably the number one way to make an NP unhappy, making them feel stuck and without freedom.

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