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    Default Deep Hatred for ISTPs

    Hello, i have known MBTI from a long time, before made this account. I have a confession.
    Although being one, i hate this type with all of my heart.
    How can people call them cool? Dumb at school, disorganized, hard to connect with people, poker face, struggle with future, lazy, etc.
    I wonder how people want to marry them? Maybe cool in fictions, suck on reality. Lol it's okay to offense ISTPs, they are T.
    I hate you all. And myself.
    Sorry for my English.

    Sincerely, an ISTP who hate ISTP.
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    Lmao. What.

    Ok, well some of us appreciate those qualities (although not true for all the istp) in others.. mostly bc life is full of judgmental, overachieving, a-holes. Some ppl are emotionally manipulative, pokerface doesn't seem that bad after all.
    Death is always an option.

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