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    Default Fe vs. Fi and relating to people

    What are some of the similarities and differences between how Fe and Fi type relate to people and why? what are the goals, styles, and experiences of each?

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    This is just experience, but it seems that Fe tries to more actively emulate and understand what the other person is feeling, while for Fi-users I have seen them express things such as finding the idea or concept abhorrent, or intrusive. So they place more truth in their own feelings, and look inwards (Fi - Introverted Feeling) to gauge how the other person may be feeling, as opposed to looking outwards for evidence or signs or to cultivate the understanding of the emotion (Fe- Extroverted Feeling). Almost like Te vs Ti but literally just the emotional, people-oriented version of it.

    While each type and each person's actual emotional reaction to emotions and relating to people may differ, it seems that the mechanics work more or less that way, disgust or no, interest or not. So just because a person might not find what I mentioned above abhorrent it does not mean they are automatically Fe. It just means that they have a different personal emotional reaction and view to it, but more or less that seems to be a prevalent trend.

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    I think Fe users use feeling; its for practical purposes. Recognising and responding to emotions in others, judging the vibe of a situation, increasing their understanding of behaviour. Its a tool to navigate the world with. For Fi users, especially Fi doms, their feelings arent necessarily practical. Theyre compulsive, overwhelming, and colour their whole existence. Their lives are built around exploring and enjoying their rich inner emotional world.

    Putting it differently, perhaps Fe users are more detached from feeling and prefer to use it constructively. Fi users dont care about that, they just want to feel as much as they can.

    [Edit] Its why Fe users can seem fake in their emotional expression to Fi doms. Ive experienced that a few times, suspicion from Fi types.

    [Edit Edit] My ideas on this have come about from comparing INFJ and INFP... another explanation for the difference in functionality could be that for INFJs feeling is auxiliary and so is more of a supporting function, whereas for INFPs its dominant and is basically their whole way of being.

    [Edit Edit Edit] Actually I think thats the real reason For instance ENFPs or ESFPs would use Fi in an equally functional way, to sort out their perceptions and determine their value/utility. Use it as a tool, a guide. So my OP was basically wrong but hey, I'll get 'em next time.
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    The above posts mostly went over my head lol.
    This question is hard for me because I don't know if my INFP or HSP guide me more.
    I try to intuit then intellectualize the emotions displayed by others. A person seems impatient. Why? How can I help? Or should I just take my leave?

    My interactions are mostly driven by other people. I'd rather not interact at all, but other people seem to need it sometimes- even if it's just the checkout girl or the Greeter at Walmart. I imagine how boring their day must have been so I slow down and let them vent.
    That's about the extent of my social interactions: my husband and kids, various employees at stores and fast food joints, other shoppers.

    I guess my goals are to get back to my room as quickly and smoothly as possible, to be a shoulder or ear for others if only briefly, and to not rock the boat in the least.

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    I relate to people more on a general or even abstract level than on an individual and personal level. By that I mean I place a high value on human needs, reducing suffering and injustice, enabling people to reach their potential and find fulfillment, but I approach that more in a systemic way than relating to specific people. I don't know if that is typical of Fi vs. Fe, or just T vs. F, as Fi is only tertiary for me.
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