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    Default MBTI compatibility

    I have been trying to learn more about my compatibility with my partner. We have both taken MBTI multiple times. I always score INFJ and he usually score ENTP but sometimes score ESTP. My enneagram is type 6: the loyalist and he is type 7: the enthusiast. I found a quiz to help me learn more: Which Personality Type is Your Love Match?. My ideal match according to this quiz is ENFJ. Have others taken this quiz and do you find it to be accurate or reliable?

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    To start off, I have not taken this quiz.

    My understanding (which is still limited mind you) is that more than MBTI type would determine compatibility. Enneagram and instinctual variants can paint many different flavors of a type, as can an individual’s idiosyncrasies. Basically, using only the MBTI type as criteria for compatibility is an oversimplification. Take ENFJs and INFPs for example. I’ve seen a lot of compatibility theories suggests an ENFJ is my ideal match. No offense to ENFJ’s, but if I were to use their basic personality description as an example, I’d have little interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with one. Throw in the other factors I mentioned and maybe a combination could be found that I’m drawn to. As with so many things in life, people want to simplify something that isn’t willing to be so easily defined.

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