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    Default INFP-T (male)/INTP-T (female) relationship compatibility

    So, I've got this INTP girl in my college that I'm slightly interested in. She's a friend, I've known her for only slightly more than half a year now, but we seem to have developed a rather significant level of connection, even though mostly when not around other people.

    She's recently broken up with her boyfriend and I was thinking about making a move on her, but I can tell that she can tell that I'm into her, and I'm not exactly a smooth-talker, so I'm biding my time, waiting for an appropriate moment. The trouble is, we're both unhealthy, and she seems kinda bi-polar in her interactions with me, in a hot/cold kind of way.

    So, my question here is, if I made a move and was proven succesful, how would an INFP/INTP relationship look like if both people involved in it are thoroughly complexed, neurotic and unhealthy individuals?

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    This is .

    This girl has just exited a relationship. I'd say that it's just not the time to do anything but offer her support as a friend. If she seems at all unstable, it's best to keep that sort of person at arm's length. She may be one of those flaky people who breaks up with someone only to get back together again. Even if she does start to reciprocate your feelings and things proceed beyond the friend zone, how will you know you're not a rebound?

    If she's "kinda bipolar," as you put it - I'd just tread carefully. You mentioned you are also "unhealthy" which tells me you are looking to use a relationship as a means to make yourself feel better. Thing is, a relationship will not be a magic cure-all in your life, if you are feeling clinically depressed, neurotic (your words), or in some way, not your best self. Relationships do not work that way.

    I'd focus on your studies and any activities you're involved in at your college, cause you are still growing as a person and need to take. your. time. Try to meet other people and cultivate relationships that have a positive affect on you... Just my two cents.
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