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    Default INTP Female and ISTP Male Relationship

    I am an INTP, and have fallen for a male ISTP (I am pretty sure). He is a retired detective. I think he is very cool guy because we are so opposite in some ways but strangely similar in other ways. The thing that I wonder about is that we are both pretty open ended and it seems we both are waiting on the other to become more serious. Sometimes I feel he is hinting to see how I feel, bet it goes over my head and then the moment is gone to bring up the topic. He is very independent, spontaneous, and a problem-solver. I like that he never pressures me, and he likes (I think) that I do not pressure him to talk about feelings and things like that. So I wonder, without an EF in the relationship can this possible work? We live a bit away from each other, but talk and text every day in the morning and the evening. We do have lots of very good sex, and I feel like he cares for me and likes the sex. He was hurt very bad in a previous relationship. Any thoughts or suggestions? Part of me is okay with the way things are, but there is a practical side to myself that I wonder if I am making more out of a non-existent relationship (My esfj friend says, I need to wake up, I was in a relationship with him--awesome warm guy, but drove me crazy with pressures to express my emotions all the time).

    Any advice...or thoughts on the matter?
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