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    Default Does this Enfj like me?

    last year, I went as an exchange student to Japan for 4 months. There was a boy i kind of liked but we didn't really talk although I heard him tell his friends I was really cute all the time. The day i left he gave me a card which said 'I love you' on it. I was really shocked so i didnt say anything but the next day i texted him saying that I liked him back. He was really really happy and from time to time he would post stuff that indicates he still likes me. But last week I went to visit my old school there for a week. I gave him a present two days before I left (a keyring I made for him) but we hadnt really talked at all so I really wanted to see him again and asked if he was going to be at the soccer court the day after because I was going to be there.
    He said he wasnt, but he said since it was my last day, he was thinking he should come to meet me. I told him he didnt have to, but he still came. And I think he was sick too. Or there was like there was something wrong, but I didnt bring it up. He had my keyring I made for him stuck to his bag. We went to the mall, and on the way he made sure I was always walking far away from the cars. He bought me ice cream and other food to share and we played games and took some photos in the photo booth. I told him I liked him again, but he said thank you :/ he said it twice though, and he looked really happy. He gave me a small model of his soccer jersey with his number on it which he got once he joined the team, that I could also attatch to my backback.

    He didnt hug me or kiss me or hold my hand, he did touch my back and my hair but im not sure if that was intentional. I know PDA is not good in his culture so that might have been why. I lost the photos we took on our way back, I tried to look for them once I realized but I couldnt find them. Some guy found it on the street and recognized our faces so he gave it back to the boy who's going to send them to me. I feel awful for losing the pictures and I'm scared I hurt his feelings. I apologized but he ignored my apology. I told him my plan of coming to live here in one years time and he told me to do all in my power to make it happen and that we will meet again. But usually when we do something tohether he would tweet about me he didnt do that this time. I don't know what we are. Im scared to know the answer. Do you think he still actually likes me? Or does he just want to be friends? also, he talks to ALOT of other girls and practically knows everyone

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    Default Does this Enfj like me?

    I think you should talk to him, honestly.. He told that he liked you before, so ask him if he still do like you, or if you must move on.. I know you're afraid of his answer, but sometimes it's better to face our fears than escape from them
    “You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.”
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    Thank you ^^ he didn't really answer my question directly but he just told me he couldnt date me and that he was least I know now. It's going to be very tough to move on though while remaining friends with him. It's probably not good for me but if thats what he needs than that's what i'll do.

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