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    Default What types of relationships do you have with different types?

    It's interesting to me to see the dynamics between the different types. Theres a lot of singled out relationships threads... natural partners etc.

    So for myself I will start with a gender overview by saying that I usually get along a lot better with men in general. The women that I do get along well with platonically tend to have very strong personalities, I feel that many 'girly' women find me too intense or heavy or serious.

    Of the women I do get along with I find ExTJ's hold their own really well and I have an admiration for their having their stuff together in a way thats out of reach for me. I do like to spend time with these women they also make me feel well protected.

    INFJ girls are some of the very few softer women I can get along with. Ofc not all of them. I have had two friendships with INFJ women who just blow my mind. I feel even when I do not communicate with them verbally I can tap into some other spiritual plain with them in some alternate universe. This has a very soothing effect on my soul and is quite magical. They seem to be women who I am slightly in love with again on a different level, not really sexual, seems to transcend that.

    ESFP women can be super fun to be around and I find them to be caring and sweet too, though I do not normally find we have very deep connections, they do seem to be loyal and honest friends which means a lot to me.

    ESFJ women can be really comforting to me, I love me some fe at times especially the caring feed me up and give me a blanky kind. These relationships tend to fair very well for me when I feel low, they are very dependable and great in a crisis.

    IXFP Women I get along well with, if I can crack them , very difficult for me to get to know, i imagine because of my being intense etc, maybe i just frighten many of them off.

    INTX women I value from afar, I just don't know many IRL but online I find they have some amazing contributions which i appreciate and learn from. Interaction does seem to be limited but I'm pretty sure there is some mutual understanding. My sister is most likely INTP and much as I love her I do find her to be cold towards me at times, I also know that it's not intentional and that she tries really hard to connect with me and do things she feels are important to maintaining our relationship. In saying this my sisters best friend is likely INTJ and I get on with her really really well. She has a close knit group from school and I always got along best with this particular friend of hers.

    ENFX women I don't usually get along with at all for some reason. Some I really love but friendships seem quite strained, I often find them to be really manipulative- maybe I come across the same to them. But then there are some like Valafaye who i dig and just find we are often on the same page in most threads here, and i get along really well with on vent etc... so I do dig some... just not that many, maybe more so the emotionally mature and balanced ones.

    Not sure if I missed any types out here.

    Romantically I have tended to be attracted to ISTP and INFJ women, and introverts in general It is more uniform that romantic attraction to men. Which is interesting.

    Ugh long post, will maybe come back and address non female relations next. Be interested to hear from others.
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    For friendships:
    INTJ I usually quite like. I find them intriguing and deeply intelligent, and their ~mysterious introvert thing is really appealing to me. For some reason I always grow closer to them than any others, and some of my closest friends are INTJ men.

    INFJs are intriguing as well, they're definitely a natural match but I struggle with their inability to assert themselves and I find them a little cold.

    ENFPs are so confident and fun, and I definitely admire their boldness. I definitely prefer ENFP men to women though.

    ENTJs are like me but intense, and I find they really get me more than most.

    INTPs I like - great conversations, great friendships but I find them a little too flighty sometimes.

    ISFJ women I find very kind and much more in tune with themselves than I am and I generally get along well with them, as long as I'm cautious about what I say and make a conscious effort to take their feelings into consideration.

    ENTP women I adore because they're so bold and blunt and everything I admire and model myself after. With the men I tend to form ridiculously great bonds with them too, my closest friend right now is an ENTP and I <3 him.

    ISFJ women I find very kind and much more in tune with themselves than I am and I generally get along well with them, as long as I'm cautious about what I say and make a conscious effort to take their feelings into consideration.

    For ~luv:
    ESFJ men are everything I need to be and I <3 them romantically.

    ENTP men are probably what I need to start looking for when it comes to dating because it seems they're the ones I respect the most.

    ENTJs I love, respect, and admire, and they can certainly tone me the hell down, which I like, but sometimes I find them too headstrong and you can't really have two forces constantly clashing. It's not a very sustainable long term thing.

    ESTPs are fun and charming. I could see that one working somehow.

    ENFJs are lovable - who doesn't like them?

    INFJs/INTJs if they can stop being so in their own head I can certainly love.

    ESFP women I don't tend to match well with. I find them too superficial.
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    ISFPs - We tend to start off as friends, but we eventually drift apart.
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    Fe types.
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    I get along naturally the best with other NTPs, particularly INTPs.
    My best friends growing up are an ESTP and ISFJ. I was/am outgoing and not shy like the ESTP but also more nerdy and relatively a little more introverted like the ISFJ. I'm basically a blend of their personalities to some degree.
    I have a really close INFP female friend (We briefly dated, we turned out way better as friends though) who's laid back like me but very intense with her emotions but tries to hide it to people in general. We 'get' each other to a large degree. I also have an INTJ female friend who loves to debate/discuss things with me until she gets annoyed, lol.
    I'm currently dating an INFJ female and so far the positive information out there about ENTP/INFJ relationships seems to validated in our relationship.
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    I don't really get along well with anyone... Lolz.

    But really, for whatever reason I tend to have a hard time with FJ's, especially INFJ's. It is more them demanding a certain level of social... attentiveness and personable affect that I just dont always give off.

    I like TJ's. I actually really appreciate INTJs. Just really enjoy talking to them more so than any other type probably. Don't know if we get along persay, but thats it on my end.

    Introverts I probably have an easier time with than extroverts, but really tolerability can carry through any type.
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    I get along best with people I know as long as they don't bore me.

    Enjoy ESTP, INTJ, ENFP, ESFP, INFP, ISFP, usually a strange disconnect with ISTJ for some reason. I guess anyone really as long as it's a mature person.

    Female a cross between friends and marriage...I don't really draw lines or anything. Except for dating and marriage. My only 2 lines. They all fall somewhere in the range.

    Males usually I enjoy activities like jet ski, etc. As well as physical work. Just a let's do something because I have alot of differences in who I am then alot of typical men. I enjoy working on cars, houses, anything with my dad alot.

    I enjoy that with women to, it's just not as easy to find
    Im out, its been fun

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    Overall good experiences: Green
    Overall neutral experiences: Yellow
    Overall negative experiences: Red

    ESFJ - The type I consistently get along with. I can't recall ever having a major issue with one. At worst, we just don't mesh well and go each others ways. I have had quite a few ESFJ friends over the years, not many were deep, but lots nonetheless. If they are problems, we talk them out and they're solved incredibly fast.

    ENFJ - I have a TON of them in my current friendship circle. Sometimes I feel this odd mixing with them, but I seldom ever have issues with them. The one I have had issues with was because he's also a 4.

    ESTJ - I don't know that many, but the ones I do know I really like and respect. In some cases, some topics and situations need to be avoided, but that's not hard to do. My father is honestly the only major ESTJ I have had issues with. They tend to respect me a ton as well.

    ENTJ - I usually do really well with them... so long as we don't "cross the streams" in effect, THEN it gets feisty. One in particular got along great and worked together REALLY well... until we disagreed. It would be bad enough that it would make others around us uncomfortable. Generally speaking, ENTJ's and I make fantassssstic teams. One of my best friends is one.

    ISFJ - Can't recall ever having an issue with one. I tend to have a "meh" reaction to them because they are so even keeled in my experience, and many recoil at my escapades so I can't forge strong bonds. One of my closest friends in college was one, but she was somewhat atypical for an ISFJ.

    INFJ - I tend to have more issues with them than get along. You'd think I'd mix well with them, but in practice it doesn't work. I think a big portion of it is many of them are 4's an that enneagram genrally causes a lot of problems for me, so it's difficult to tell. Basically it's their tendancy to cling to their perceptions as if they are true by default that I don't mix with, and many get offended when it's poked. That said, I have had wonderful friendships with several over the years.

    ISTJ - I really like ISTJ's as a general rule, and we make a really great team assuming they aren't too private and restrained. Despite all our differences, we somehow come to the same conclusions a lot of the time, and the fact that we operate totally differently and get to the same point generates a ton of mutual respect. I've had many ISTJ friends over the years. That said, this type can ROYALLY piss me off if they are insulated to the world around them due to their own logical systems.

    INTJ - Hit and miss for the most part. Sometimes we get along great and bring a lot to the table for each other. A curious pattern I have noticed is some of the greatest teachers I have had have been this type, and have taken me under their wing. A very close friend of mine was this type. One problem though is if they like me a lot, they sometimes try to get too close, and it repells me. There's a subset of INTJ's that just HATE me.

    ESTP - Usually we get along very well, but we rarely have common interests so it ultimately is kind meh. I rarely have problems, but rarely connect beyond a transient surface interaction.

    ENTP - Bad. They can tick me off SO bad if I have to work with them. I have never been close with one for a very long time period. I can make things work well enough, but the vast majority of the time I am just rendered mad at them for not following structure. Or worse, disregarding it just because. Even if their methods work, I have to strain to turn a blind eye to it. Sometimes they are just beyond annoying and too attention-grabbing. If it weren't for the fact that I can occasionally make it work and communicate with them to smooth things over, I'd say they were the worst.

    ESFP - Mostly good, but I don't have all that much experience with them, despite the fact that one of my best friends in college is one. The few I have known though are great. We have lots of fun together. They can wear me out, but they're one of the few times that can get me involved in physical banter.

    ENFP - Mixed. I have had tons of ENFP friends over the years, and one of my closest friends in high school was one. We can have tons of fun together and up in mad adventures and memories for life. However, a number of them I meet piss me off pretty bad, or they snap at me out of nowhere (often citing me being controlling). This type often frequently loves everyone, even bad individuals, and that is a one way ticket to me losing respect.

    ISTP - Mixed. I know very few, generally get along ok with them, but there tends to be little common ground and the vast majority are too quiet for my taste. Haven't had any long-term bad experiences, but lots of insta-nope experiences where we leave each other alone.

    INTP - Bad. I have had the most problems with this type bar none. Two individuals I began to have a friendship with eventually hit a point where they get mild upset with something I do, refuse to talk, and then blow it massively out of preportion. The habit of making everything a debate or argument is something I can't put up with.

    ISFP - Mixed. I get along with them alright, and have been close friends with one before. I can be a bit bored of them, and they can be touchy, but they can also be a lot of tun.

    INFP - I have had a lot of problems with them, but at the same time have met wonderful individuals. The person I have been friends with for the longest is one, and nothing will break our friendship. I think the vast majority of problems I have had with this type stems from 4 stuff.
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    I know like 3 ESFJs, and they're all very different.

    ESFJ #1 is one that I don't talk to much, except when she decides to hang out at lunch. She's kinda judgemental, and likes to gossip. She was interesting to hang out with in seventh grade, but now she's boring.

    ESFJ #2 I thought this one was a thinker at first, but recent conversations convinced me that she's a feeler. She's a very nostalgic and nerdy, and we spend most of our time together talking about tv shows. I have no idea why we're friends since we don't like the same fandoms, but she's nice to be around. The only thing I don't like is how easily offended she is, and she's one of those people who believes what her family believes without her own thoughts/research.

    ESFJ #3 She's very small talky, but otherwise a good person to have conversations with. Very optimistic and friendly. You really can't hate her.

    Theoretically I wouldn't expect to like Fe types since I hate talking about feelings. I just zone out whenever they do unless I can tell that it's very important to them.

    NPs tend to like me for some reason. They also tend to finish my sentences.

    My INFP friend is the most messed up person I know, and always comes up with sick, yet intriguing ideas. She also likes anime, so we recommend series to each other, and then talk about them. We were once both on the verge of tears talking about Death Parade. She's kinda annoying to work with since she doesn't always think things through in a realistic way.

    Pretty much all of my friends are feelers, and I don't have much to say about other types. I haven't identified any NJs besides my mom.

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    @Hard and @themightyfetus it's interesting that you guys show deep appreciation for SJs and Fe types respectively since there are people here who think you are those types. I wonder if that says anything about the influence people we get along with have over us.

    Will make my own list when I work up the energy.
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