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    Default My INTP crush deeply opened up to me...

    *UPDATE* INTJ girl here, I ended a horrible long term relationship with my bf over a month ago. I am also friends with his friend Dylan, who I've known for years too. Tbh I have really grown to like him over the past 6 months (he's an INTP). We have A LOT in common, we share the same Christian views, Geopolitical views, Eschatology, same interests, humour, the whole shebang. In person he's so nervous around me and always looks. So anyway, a few weeks ago I asked if he wanted to still stay in touch (due to obvious reasons which I understood if he didn't want to) and he said he yes he wants to.

    Now just recently I've noticed he's been a bit down, so I messaged him bluntly saying if he never needs somebody to speak to that I'm here for him, he can always talk to me because I really care about him. He thanked me and really appreciated it, a few hours later he opened up to me like a can of worms about his problems. He said he's currently seeing this girl and wants to end things because they're too different, he likes his own space and she is really immature/young mentally. Though, he said he wants to be in long term relationship with somebody who's like him. He also said that he really want get his life together and join the navy etc.

    I want to tell him one day how I feel about him, obviously not now as I want to be there for him through it all. I'm just not too sure if he does/would feel the same way - don't want to ruin anything. This is the first time ever he's really opened up to me and I feel like theres a strong connection there...

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    Open up back. It's only fair. Why wait?
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