Im an 24 yr old INTJ girl. A month ago, I ended a 9 year relationship with my manipulative boyfriend, Corey. I am also friends with his friend Dylan, who I've known for years too. Well I'm practically in love with him (he's an INTP). We have A LOT in common, we share the same Christian views, Geopolitical views, Eschatology, same interests, humour, the whole shebang. As I am fairly an observer, I've always noticed when we'd see each other in person he tends to stare at me a lot, tries to make me laugh and he's very shy; we do also share memes 24/7 on messenger. I want to tell him how I feel about him but I'm not sure how that'll turn out. I guess thats a silly question because the only way i'll know is if i just TELL HIM. I just don't want to make him feel under pressure or weirded out because of the predicament we're both in - which I totally understand. A few weeks ago I asked if he wanted to still stay in touch (due to obvious reasons which i understood if he didn't want to) and he said he still does and that its fine, and then he sent me a crispy meme along with that message - following he proceeded to "like" my crush memes on my IG page. How should I tread in this circumstance.. should I wait a little bit longer to tell him due to the break-up still being quite "fresh"? I just don't know how he'd take it.. Cheers.