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    Quote Originally Posted by Hermit of the Forest View Post
    How did you two meet?
    Online. He's very shy and has a physical disability that made dating hard. I was struggling to meet anyone in real life as I have always worked in caring professions. Most people are older or married lol. So we met on a dating site and we stayed together for 12 hours because neither of us wanted to go home! And we have hardly been apart since. He's the first person to help me realise my potential and that I am more than what I do for people. He's lovely.
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    I sincerely congratulate you and sincerely wish you mutual understanding in all aspects of your family life, and wish you warm sincere relations in your family!

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    ISFJ here. I am in the process of getting to know an INTP male who has expressed interest in me. He has stretched the limits of his social interaction to make contact with me but still has not reached a point where he wants to talk on the phone regularly. I need my space but not nearly as much as he does. How do you deal with that?

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