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    It is a good feeling for someone to be able to predict what you would like. I think the most important thing to me is to be valued for the things I value in myself. I've never had a partner really value me for my artistry or sexuality, and so I've never felt seen by them. I've actually felt misplaced and confused by whatever it is they value in me and often feel like they never had any idea who I actually was as a person. Sometimes they could predict something I'd like - the second one predicted one story and one horror movie I really liked, but he couldn't stand to hear my creative work. He couldn't stand to hear my songs or singing and that devastated me. I did try to understand them, but probably didn't manage it completely either. I admired their intelligence which I think they valued most in their own selves. People are confusing.
    It's entirely possible and realistic to live your life in such a way that you don't accidentally rape people. ME
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellena Handbasket View Post
    Its not being known, so much as being accepted. Him loving me fully for who I am and the feeling that I can be totally open and honest and myself with him.
    It's easy to accept when you don't 'really' know them. But I get your meaning. For them to both know everything about you and still accept you is a huge thing. Which means without judgement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by INTerran View Post
    Do you know what feels really good in a relationship for an INTP? For your INTJ significant other to know you so well on a deeper level to be able to send music and movie recommendations to you, confident that you will love it...and you do.

    And I don’t mean stuff that is generally my taste, but things I would never choose to listen to ordinarily, but that I find I really like. It’s almost like he knows me even better than I know myself to be able to extrapolate data from what I do listen to and find just the right songs/movies/tv shows that I didn’t know I’d like. And he sends the links with a short text “think you’ll enjoy this.” He’s been pretty much on point every time.

    Being an oftentimes misunderstood INTP female and knowing INTJ characteristics, this means the world to me. How is it with other types?
    pft, you think you know someone but you can only know a certain amount.
    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"
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    As long as the person spends quality time with me, I am happy. My interests are ever-changing.

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    "You can't open the book of my life and jump in the middle. Like woman, I am a mystery."
    With all due respect,
    Eryn Silverfrond
    & Gentleman Jack

    I am the Cat who walks by Himself; and all places are alike to me...
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    That’s a great quote, @Eryn Silverfrond.

    My hubby and I are about as opposite as they come. Our relationship had an exceptionally rough start, and I worry about what will become of us when he retires.
    We’re best friends, though. We live apart (same property though) and we (audio only) FaceTime for at least 30 minutes every day. We give each other boundless space and freedom. We’ll share meals or take in movies but that’s about it.

    He gives me support (financial and otherwise). He’s not good at “knowing” what I need or want so he’s taught me to be more vocal and a tad assertive. I support him emotionally and try to make his life a little easier by doing his shopping and all the driving when we travel.
    So, while we know and hold each other’s hearts and have the very best of interests foremost in our minds; for us, it takes open communication, work and acceptance (and the occasional swift kick in the rear when ones needed rofl).

    I’ve never been with anyone who KNEW me, even though I’ve always been a (almost) completely open book.
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    I think other people's minds are so far removed from mine as to be alien. Without it being a case for uniqueness or anything self-aggrandising, it's just an apparent fact. At the same time, I am average in content and cognition.

    And all interaction feels like a factor of assumption. It's why I caution against the rise in popularity and support for empathetic engagement; it's incredibly risky and takes a huge amount of energy and time investment, for something that will most likely be wasted.
    I'm not saying never do so, just be very cautious.

    But maybe I'm biased. I can give a good facsimile of interaction, even come across talkative, warm and friendly, yet am ultimately quite an empty person, so without saying that, if you met me, you are unlikely to be aware of that.

    So my understanding of others is filtered through that reality of myself.
    'One of (Lucas) Cranach's masterpieces, discussed by (Joseph) Koerner, is in it's self-referentiality the perfect expression of left-hemisphere emptiness and a precursor of post-modernism. There is no longer anything to point to beyond, nothing Other, so it points pointlessly to itself.' - Iain McGilChrist

    Suppose a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?"
    "Suppose it didn't," said Pooh, after careful thought.
    Piglet was comforted by this.
    - A.A. Milne.

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    It feels quite nice like you've found a soulmate.
    You say I have the wickest talk, that I'm full of attitude, and you don't like my friend because she's crude.

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    Well I don't think men wanna see me for who I really am. I understood I must accept first my past and sufferings (and there is quite a big deal of them), then I know I can feel free not to say everything

    _I think having a secret garden is more than necessary in seduction and love, even life more generally speaking-

    So actually I'm testing the new one, my positions mean "are you able to be yourself, how deep", and how will I really feel by your side.

    But of course I'll give him time. Which wasn't always the case. I am trying not to escape straight away, which means a lot of efforts for the sake of love,

    but first of all, let's be honest : for self-improvement and what I must transform on my path........

    I wanna be able to offer the next one a better compost, but I must feel the right fertilizer from miles away

    Dare observing your shadows (50 shades of darkness) for your own well-being Unfortunately we are all fucking contagious Smile and see what happens around you......

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