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    i think any type can be (in)compatible with any other... i think there is a lot more to it than how (dis)similar people are... i think the base components of a relationship are more closely tied to more meaningful things...
    "The only intelligent tactical response to life’s horror is to laugh defiantly at it.”
    ― søren kierkegaard

    “Most men are not wicked... They are sleep-walkers, not evil evildoers.”
    ―franz kafka

    “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”
    ― kurt vonnegut
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    Quote Originally Posted by Connoisseur View Post
    I subscribe to the theory that every function is complemented by its opposite in terms of introversion/extraversion. So Ti+Te, Fi+Fe, Si+Se, Ni+Ne.
    I agree with this,

    In which case:
    - N/S and F/T are important dichotomies to be matched by
    - J/P should be the opposite, though I'm unsure how it works if N/S and F/T are switched as well
    - I/E should be the opposite in the ideal case, though in non-ideal cases it's sometimes better if they're matched
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