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    weak... interesting...
    "Every one interprets everything in terms of his own experience. If you say anything which does not touch a precisely similar spot in another man's brain, he either misunderstands you, or doesn't understand you at all."

    "Whether you experience heaven or hell, remember that it is your mind which creates them."
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    This type has very strong one to one social skills, but is usually uncomfortable in group settings. They enjoy cultivating multiple relationships, and can be intensely involved when in the presence of someone they are interested in, but have difficulty sustaining these bonds when apart. This may give the impression of being flighty and rootless, willing to adapt and mirror others in order to connect, but lacking a defined approach that would give their relationships a more solid standing. They may have political interests, but are generally more pragmatic and less partisan than the other social variant. They are often attuned to pop culture and the latest trends. This type's motivation is to create lasting connections with those they are interested in - the "best friend."

    Sadly, I'm not sure there's the weak/mid-range/strong session for the So/Sx, so it is hard to say what I am.

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    I think midline most likely.

    sp/sx binger (midline) - can 'hang out' around likeminded persons to imbibe in favorite goodies, though social interaction itself is not a priority. they do however remain slyly conscious of interpersonal attraction, even if characteristically hesitant to make a first move. whether alone or not, retains an air of privacy, reluctant to 'come out' of themselves.

    quote: "all things in moderation, including moderation." role: the soloist, the mercenary

    exemplars: kobe bryant, anthony bourdain, simon cowell, robert deniro, harrison ford, ralph nader fictional from star wars: han solo

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    True. My So instinstict is more about knowing what is going on around than trully wanting to belong somewhere.

    so/sp formal (strong sp) - pulls from sp/sx for a more self contained style. soc while still primary, is muted; can seem critical and more impersonal than the other ranges. a usual focus on topics, issues, and responsibilities affecting specific levels of society. usually well connected, but in informal settings may let others do most of the talking. can seem self pres at first glance. the pundit, the judge, the commentator. george will, larry king, bill maher, bill o'reilly, helen clark, jesse ventura, margaret thatcher.

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    As near as I can tell, I am still sx/soc, with a strong social. To me social doesn't revolve around having friends, but more of having social awareness.

    Although I don't take typewatch seriously, this is true of me when I really think about it:

    coolside sx/so - strong sx, strong soc, weak sp. pulls from so/sp secondary, political activist streak, 'cooled' by soc with some intellectual reserve, channels sx into social causes.

    It didn't use to be true of me--I hated activists as self-righteous assholes who talked at you (rather than to you), and I couldn't be bothered with social causes cause I was too busy doing my own thing.

    But I've matured, and now I pretty much want to be an activist and work for social causes for the entire rest of my life. :/ Go figure.

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    I think I'm a "formal style" so/sp, or one whose sp is nearly as strong as the so. I've typed as sp/so for a very long time, actually, so that makes sense. I relate to wanting to keep my distance when it comes to certain issues to maintain my comfort, while still being attuned to my environment in the so-first sort of way.
    4w3 6w5 1w9 ~ sp/sx ~ Melancholic ~ Slytherin ~ Chaotic Neutral

    pull me down again and guide me into pain

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    Sp/Sx Binger

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    Almost equal I think. I think I’m sx/sp or sp/sx. My e5 and e4 are practically even and honestly I could just as easily be 4w5. I score close to T on my F. I’m just a ball of indecisiveness. lol
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    Personally, I'm midrange so/sp.

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    Let's try this again:

    sp/sx decadent (strong sx) - sp at its most saturated with sx; self-attending ways are offset by a wilder outgoing streak, reaching outside themselves then pulling back. noticable 'sx-y' quality, often enough to pass for sx first.
    quote: "what is my life, without the things I love?"
    pulls from: sx/so, to enhance sx
    role: the sensualist, the hedonist
    Perpetual mood

    “Sometimes I think I have felt everything I'm ever gonna feel.
    And from here on out, I'm not gonna feel anything new.
    Just lesser versions of what I've already felt.”

    - look it up yourself

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