Re: social-dom rules... I don't really know where to begin. I'd love to help, but being social-first feels so second-nature that I don't know how to articulate it in a user-friendly way.

I can answer questions though

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Ok, so I've heard that being so dom, can be similar to having a "separate social identity." It's as in how an sp dom has a "bubble" or a "dome" around them. So doms seem to be somewhat separate from their social self.

What I'm wondering is, do you ever get tired of having put up this social identity? I know that it's still you, but isn't it a lot of work to have to keep this up every time you want to talk to someone? I find if i try to practice this, I can only do it for about an hour and then i'm completely exhausted. Is it curiosity that keeps you into the whole social dynamic thing? Do you view it like a fun activity or something?
My social identity is fun. I like bantering with people. I like getting to know them. And I get energy from doing that. Being me, alone, without that social identity, is exhausting.

On a deeper level, reaching out and connecting with folks, connecting with groups, doing the so/sx thing and merging with an entire community at once (maybe that's not so/sx but it would make sense to me if it were), is all personally fulfilling. Not only do I enjoy it, but it feels meaningful.